Open Letter To Light Manufacturers….


Dear Lighting Industry,

I have been searching for lighting for a client for several weeks now.  While your industry provides a multitude of possibilities to choose from, I am finding there is a dearth when it comes to the options for those of us who don’t want to subject our clients to this….

Seriously?  Unless your client is a fertility clinic or you had a thing for decorating with microbes, then how did this lighting option pass the design concept phase?  Yet, I can’t find a brass pendant for my client?

So lighting professionals and manufacturers I open my arms (and potentially my wallet) to you.  I know there are amazing designs to be discovered that are reasonable in price (between $500-$3K), so bombard me with your offerings.  Ply me with your wares.  Drown me with your options.  Because if the above is a sign of where things are going, I am advising my clients of this great thing called candle light……


Courtney Lake & Good Taste

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