Designer Crush: James Slade ….

Going on vacation afforded me the opportunity to do one of my favorite past times – reading magazines.  Well technically, I read magazines at home all the time, but I always feel guilty when I do it, like I should be spending that time doing something else more important.  However, being on vacation almost dares you not to read your favorite mags.  Fortunately, our hotels in Spain were always located near some magical booth or bookstore where I could pop in and pick up something fun for the next leg of our adventure.

During our stint from Seville to Barcelona, I was introduced to Casa Viva Magazine and was floored by a project they featured by New York architect, James Slade. While the architecture was amazing, I was smitten by the design elements in the space…..

I know…I know.  The wall of heads gives off an “American Psycho” vibe and certainly isn’t to everyone’s taste, but you have to give credit that it is a visual statement and definitely impactful.  I love the use of repetition and that it is a big installation.  As I have repeatedly said…GO BIG or go home when it comes with your art pieces…..

The framed cowhide above the bed is simple and elegant – a quiet statement in a bedroom that anchors the space.  Recreating this look could be as simple as picking up a cowhide rug from Ikea, having it put on stretcher bars and mounted in a walnut frame.  Total cost about $300.  Total cost of impact is priceless.

And my favorite element is the galvanized metal picture wall.  It elevates the concept of a “gallery wall”.  Most of us slap pictures up on our fridge but Slade takes this idea to the nth degree by sheathing the entire wall in metal and having the home owner fill it with a rotating supply of Polaroids, snapshots and drawings.  Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day fame has a DIY tutorial on how to create your own magnet wall on a smaller scale.

As I said, the designs may not be for everyone but through elevating simple concepts and blowing them to large proportions, the designer was able to create a space that is stylish and bold.

So tell me, how do you make a bold statement in your homes?  Is it through paint, lighting, or accessories.  Today I am off to pick up a table for a client and create inspiration boards for my meeting next week.

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2 thoughts on “Designer Crush: James Slade ….

  1. I’m glad you had the opportunity to do some magazine grazing guilt-free! Mine just stack up at home because I share that guilty feeling that I should be doing something of greater importance! OK…the heads on the wall are a little bit Hannibal Lechter for me, but I do understand and appreciate the concept. I think repeated elements look so cool!!! I, too, am a disciple of “Go big, or go home”, and that’s how I make bold statements in my tablescaping and my home in general. There’s almost no such thing as too big! (Get your mind out of the gutter, please! :-)) Have a good weekend, Courtney!

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