Obsessed With Doors….

I am completely obsessed with doors after my trip to Europe.  Strolling through the narrow streets and alleys, I was enchanted with the amazing ornate and carved doors that greeted pedestrians.  The front doors of many of these homes, drew me instantly to them – which is the point – your entrance should draw visitors to your home.  The front door should elicit reaction and foreshadow what your guests should expect upon crossing the threshold.

While I was not lucky enough to enter inside many of these homes, the doors alone made my mind race with visions of plaster walls, wrought iron and quirky artwork.  It has inspired me to push my own clients toward considering “statement doors” on future projects…….

So tell me, what would you do to your front entrance if money was no option?  I know for myself, I would invest in an amazing container garden to  greet guests.

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7 thoughts on “Obsessed With Doors….

  1. FABULOUS doors!!! I would kill to have the 6th one down with the knobs in the center!!! If money was no option for my own home, I would love to have massive oversized glass doors that let in tons of natural light!

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  3. I share your admiration for those lovely doors. The next time we’re together, I’ll share some of my favorites with you.

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