Talking Out Loud: Lulu DK


Lulu deKwiatkowski is everywhere these days.  Don’t recognize the name?  You may know the name of her line of amazing fabric and home goods — Lulu DK.  Lulu’s knack for combining her love of color, art background and business savvy has resulted in numerous collaborations including her most recently with online retailer OpenSky.

I had the opportunity to chat briefly with Lulu about her OpenSky collaboration, her inspirations and what she really thinks about Insta.gram…..

You mentioned that you have two design halves to your brain.  The “clean lined” or “geometric” side would be personified by American icon Lauren Hutton.  But the floral, bright and airy side, what person do you think best embodies that side of you?

 I USED TO SAY Kate Hudson from the film Almost Famous, but I haven’t seen the film in a while and she may be pushing the Boho envelope a tad…these days for me…but you get the feel

Some designers design items they wish for while others see a need in the market and try to fill it.  When you were designing your OpenSky lines were you designing with a goal in mind? 

I design and choose things that I just like..sometimes there is a need, but mostly I am just fulfilling a passion…A vibe that I want a space to have, my vibes usually harken back to my childhood, memories or reminiscent reminders of my mother and her fabulous style.

I am a huge fan of your book and the visual “snaphots” of life you create.  With the rise of Instagram do you find yourself taking more pictures or do you still love doing collages to document those special moments?

I am not sure what Instagram is but I have always taken pictures.  I do collages as artwork and not really as documenting moments…it just becomes that ways from the material I work with (usually photos or memorabilia from my family, childhood, or travels)

Will we be seeing more of your collages in your future work for OpenSky?  Will you be mixing your love of painting and collages in some unique ways for the line?

Perhaps…haven’t gotten there yet, but it is very much part of me, so I am sure it will find its way in somewhere.

Your childhood seems to have a profound impact on your work in particular your Mother’s aesthetic.  Being a mother yourself now, what things do you want your boys to take away from their time in the studio with you? 

I don’t really worry about what they take away from their moments in the studio but rather their moments in life with me and their memories. It is super important as I felt my childhood was so colorful and rounded, I really just hope to be able to pass that on.

Your designs almost vibrate with a certain sense of joy and vitality.  It’s one of the reasons me and my readers love your work – it speaks to the essence of our creed of “living out loud”.  So with this in mind, what do you describe as a life well lived? 

When you are wondering….”Should I or shouldn’t I???… You should”

Looking at Lulu’s work makes me realize how much I enjoy working with color and pattern in my work.  To check out more of Lulu’s work and her product lines, visit LuLu DK.

I am feeling pretty inspired now, so I am going to see if I can channel that energy into completing some mundane office work!

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