Vacation: Technical Difficulties…

We made it to Aix-En-Provence today from the wedding in the French countryside. The wedding was seriously two magical days, simply amazing, and beautiful.  My friend Ines was a stunning bride and was able to bridge the divides between her African, French and American counterparts – the food, the champagne (oh the champagne!), dancing and the miniature hot air balloons at the end of the night – it was perfection.

Sadly, I can’t really show you any of this because my internet connection at our hotel in Aix-En-Provence is a LAN line which is slower than a snail for uploading photos.  Couple that with I have zero patience thanks to a crazy upper respiratory infection I picked up in Paris and this puppy is done for the moment.

However, I was able to upload one photo of the view from our hotel room here in Aix-En….

I am hoping that two days of R&R here in the South of France will help me fight this infection and give me more energy.  If nothing else, I can work on my tan to give the impression I am healthy….

For the next two days, the best way to catch glimpses of my time in the South of Spain is via  Facebook and  Twitter .  Okay I am off to chug Rhinathiol – I don’t know what it is but it tastes like vanilla, stops my coughing and isn’t available in the US – all positive things in my book!



One thought on “Vacation: Technical Difficulties…

  1. Not that we want you to expatriate to Europe, but I almost wish you could stay there because you seem to be having the time of your life!!!!!! Dude…you have been doing some serious vacationing!!! I’m sorry to hear of the infection. That has to really suck. I’m anxious to see the wedding photos. I’ve been following your trek through Europe via your blog (you KNOW I still don’t have the hang of the Twitter thing!), and living vicariously through you! Have fun, be safe, and get well soon!!!

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