Vacation: Days 8-9 – Barcelona to Paris…


I find myself in the City of Lights for the next three days – yes my friends, I have made it to Paris!  While I loved Spain, I absolutely adore France and could not be happier to be here.  We finished our last day in Barcelona with a trip to the Olympic Village nestled into the city’s hills that played home to the 1992 Summer Olympics.  The complex is within a larger municipal park that holds the city’s former military fort and the Miro museum.   The views from the fort are some of the best in the city and can easily be had for about 9 euros round trip via cable car…

After the trip to the Village, we went back to the hotel, packed up and  headed to the train station.  We arrived early this morning (Wednesday) via an overnight train from Barcelona…

There is something romantic about the dining cars, sleeping in bunk beds to the gentle swaying of the tracks and being forced to leisurely pass time with The Partner.  However, all of that quickly changes when you realize at 7:30am that you need a shower, your hair looks like a rat nest and you can’t check into your hotel until 3:00pm and it’s only 9:30am.

So what does a boy when faced with such a dilemma?  Well this one opted to throw care to the wind and just go with it – rat nest hair and all!  We dropped our luggage off at the hotel (Mon Hotel) and toured the chic bottom level.  On a side note, I am in LOVE with our hotel.  It makes me happy.  It makes my giddy.  It makes me want to figure out a way to move in permanently….

Located on a side street in the 16th Arrondissement, the hotel is centrally located for all the things we wanted to do but isn’t dead smack in the middle of tourist “chaos”.  Each of the 36 rooms has a small terrace (yup that is my view from the room) and is equipped with an espresso machine.  While not a big deal to you, by the espresso machine has already been put to use ….twice.

After our quick tour, we started walking, hitting the Arc de Triumph, the Opera House, Eiffel Tour and Galeries Lafayette with its four levels of high-end men’s shopping.

We finished the afternoon with a delicious lunch at the cafeteria at the Galeries Lafayette – yes we ate lunch at the store cafeteria and I have never had better quiche.  Besides, they have a soda machine that dispenses red wine – RED WINE PEOPLE!  Do you know this was a game changer?!?  Well that and the 84 varieties of yogurt.

American yogurt doesn’t hold a candle to any of this stuff.  It’s tangy, delicious, unpasteurized jars of freakin’ goodness and I plan on drowning in it!

Okay, time for a nap and a shower – then off to meet some friends for drinks!

Au revoir!

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