Vacation: Days 5-7 – Seville & Barcelona…

The Partner and I ended our time in Seville by visiting the 1929 site of the Latin American Exposition, a beautiful park filled with wide promenades, gardens and large exposition halls housing the museums of military and culture.  It was the perfect place for an early morning stroll or in our case, a group of rambunctious (and slightly inebriated) boys to pass the time.

Afterwards, we retreated to the coolness of our hotel, Hotel Rey Alfonso X (which we love & recommend!  The front desk attendant, Imma, took amazing care of us!) and relaxed for a few quiet hours reflecting,  packing and composing ourselves for our 5-hour train journey to Barcelona….

After a good night’s rest, we hit the ground running on Vacation Day 6 with visits to several Gaudi’s architectural landmarks including the glorious Sagrada Família.  Words cannot describe this amazing structure – it at once hits you viscerally  because of its sheer size but then once you cross the threshold, it grabs you with his beauty.  It moved me to tears and profoundly has changed the way I view my own work…..

After our Gaudi tour, The Partner and I strolled Barcelona, soaking in the culture, the sites and the tapas (oh brother, I have gained some major poundage!).  However, it was the quaint side streets that drew my attention. Barcelona was once an ancient Roman city and still holds vestiges of its past. Tucked into tiny corridors are remains of tiny foot bridges, walls and alleys the house shops, restaurants and just beautiful residences….

Today (Vacation Day 7), we opted to flex our consume muscle and take in some of Barcelona’s shopping.  We visited a variety of stores from clothing, home goods to food markets.  My favorite had to the massive food court, La Boqueria, an open air market in the heart of Barcelona that was not only a feast for the belly but for the eyes.  We gorged on fresh fruit, juices, candies and of course tapas….

Tomorrow, we are off to a few museums and then we pack up for an overnight train ride to Paris.  My fingers are crossed that the experience of a train trip is as “romantic” as the concept …..

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3 thoughts on “Vacation: Days 5-7 – Seville & Barcelona…

  1. Oh once you witness Gaudi, you are FOREVER changed, serioulsy the most amazing artist/designer I’ve ever seen, , that Sagrada Familia is trippy and magnificent and genius all at the same time. Barcelona is such an amazing place, so glad you’re able to experience it and that you’re enjoying yourself! xo

  2. It had been on my bucket list to stand IN any Gaudi work. So when I did my Madrid, Barcelona and Paris adventure….it came true. Truly a genius ahead of his time. So glad you got to experience it! Thanks for the pics! Enjoy Paris! I highly recommend the boat cruise tour around 6 pm. All the lights on the bridges start coming on on your way back to the Tour Eiffel and it is spectacular! Enjoy!

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