Vacation: Day 4 – Seville…


Yesterday we arrived in Seville from Granada.  Initially, I wasn’t “wowed” by the city.  The taxi ride to our hotel was a twisty and windy route through small streets  barely large enough for the small car.  There were no large avenues that greeted us, only oppressive heat that seemed to radiate from all the concrete and stone.

However, after a hot shower and a drink, The Partner and I set out on foot to explore the city and I quickly became enamored with the city’s back alleys, small cafes and lively nature.  Unlike Granada, Seville posses a pulse at night that you can feel… draws you in and you don’t want to leave.  So dinners are a little later (10pm) and drinks a little longer and everything is relaxed.

We leave tomorrow for Barcelona but we did manage to cram in tours of the Royal Palace, Cathedral and bull ring as well as a host of other historic sites….

Tomorrow we hit the “Jewish Corridor,” part of old Seville that once housed the numerous Jews that dwelled into the city during medieval  times but now home to numerous shops and antique stores.  Then we hop the train to Barcelona…..


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