Mixing It Up Over At Centsational Girl….

So what happens when you mix……

You get a recipe for fantastic design! Whenever I am out with friends the question of mixing patterns and materials always pops up.  Well check out my post over at Centsational Girl today as I give rules for successfully mixing it up and achieving a rich and layered look.  Because America, I am trying to make sure y’all avoid doing this…..

If I can keep one room from looking like this, then my job is done.  Saving one room at a time…..

So tell me, what is the ugliest room you have seen?  Share your comments and thoughts with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and now Instagram(@CourtneyOutLoud).


5 thoughts on “Mixing It Up Over At Centsational Girl….

  1. Mmm…that’s tough. I’m going to have to think about the ugliest room ever. But I think a room that is dull and doesn’t really show a lot of personality is a missed opportunity. I want to see something about who the person is or what they’re about. Headed over to check out your other post.

    • Holly – oh shoot me an email. We can talk about ugly rooms. I once had a client whose guest room was wall to wall smoke mirrors, shag carpet and leather couches. Fortunately, we were able to walk him back from the 1970s…

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