The Furniture Equivalent of the Hawaiian Shirt….

Make a declaration.

Say it loud.  Say it proud.

Say it with a graphic case good…

Clockwise: 1/2/3

I know that furniture is an investment, but I think there needs to be a few pieces in your life that should be purely fun.  Think of them as the equivalent of the “Hawaiian shirt” in your home.  These furniture pieces are going to be pieces that you will love and continue to find ways to work into your space time and time again.  They may be odd,  they may be quirky, but they will always beloved.

For example, take the Fauna Buffet from Oly Studio.  It has a horse and a chihuahua on the doors.  When I saw it in the store, I laughed out loud and thought it was a little far-fetched.  But then it grew on me.  The subject matter is bound to be the start of endless conversations.  Like all of Oly’s pieces, the construction is flawless. It shows a level of confidence on the part of the owner.  Come on now, they have an equine and a canine in your dining or living room.  They are in on the joke and enjoy it.

It grew on me so much that  I am pitching it to a client for his condo.  It is more “design forward” then I think he was looking to go, but I think it will be the perfect foil to the other more sedate styles in the space.  Design is all about mixing the expected with the unexpected.  The loud with the quiet.  And the occasion Hawaiian shirt with your khakis.

So tell me, is there one item in your home that is the “odd man out”?  The piece that everyone says “…okay I wanna know the story behind that?”  Share your thoughts, comments and pictures with me on Facebook Pinterest Twitter and now Instagram (@CourtneyOutLoud).


One thought on “The Furniture Equivalent of the Hawaiian Shirt….

  1. Love to see these furniture, but one thing is for sure, one who wears a beautiful Hawaiian shirt certainly smiles a lot. There is something about beautiful floral patterns and some with sun setting on beach which make everyone happy who wears them.

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