Weekend Recap….

I spent this weekend lamenting that I should be doing work but complaining that I don’t spend enough time with my friends and The Partner.  I am finding that as the business grows, my free time shrinks, which I understand.  Here is hoping that I find that balance that allows me professional success and personal fulfillment…..

Friday, I was a day free of meetings, so I took the opportunity to run errands, search out lighting for a new project (isn’t the above lamp FAB?), return merchandise for clients and sneak in a walk with Scruffy to our favorite little park.  The redwoods towering over both of us and the cool breeze that tends to flow under their canopy is always comforting, plus I think Scruffy enjoys the “challenge” of trying to “lay claim” to such a vast territory.   On my return home, I finally fulfilled a long standing promise to myself  — rotate my dishes and other tableware just like I do my throw pillows.  I reorganized the kitchen cabinets pulling out some of the tableware that I love but have for some reason kept hidden.  It was nice to see some new things out and get inspired for future tablescapes which I know I have been sorely lacking in doing this year.  I finished just in time to greet The Partner with a nice glass of red and some quality time….

All too soon Saturday arrived and  I found myself back in the fray of work.  Many of my clients prefer Saturday morning meetings and while I don’t love them, I am in the business of providing excellent customer service, so hence I find myself more often than not meeting contractors, painters and the clients themselves to review plans.  This Saturday I met with a contractor for the Sansome Project and talked with the client about kitchen countertops.  Once that was finished, I rushed home to promptly continue working.  Fortunately, we were hosting of my favorite people for the weekend which forced me to quit working and start partying.  We had a fantastic dinner on the patio and I finally got to bust out our new string lighting (go Wal-Mart) and light the fire pit.  The festivities lasted into the wee hours and by “festivities” I mean drinking things that glowed in the dark and eating Korean fried chicken…

Since partying it was at the epicenter of my Saturday night, my Sunday was all about relaxing which included a delicious and leisurely brunch.  Sunday afternoon was about preparing for the week and realizing that this time next week I will be on my way for a 3-week vacation in Europe! OMG.

So expect some posts as I try to wrap my head around Spain, Monaco and France and the fact that lil’ ol’ me will be in the thick of it!  OMG.

Okay, enough about me…how was your weekend?  And did I mention I am going to Europe in 7 days? OMG.

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