Loving Out Loud: Thom Browne …

I develop crushes really easily.  Treat me nicely, show me a little affection or pay me a compliment and I will be eating out of your hand.  Seriously.  I once had a crush on  a boy who worked the drive through at Taco Bell because he gave me an extra taco.   In my 16 year-old eyes, this was clearly a sign and therefore began a two-week stint of daily Taco Bell runs.  Did I get a boyfriend or did I gain five pounds and develop a horrible case of upset stomach?  You figure out which of those two scenarios came true….

However, to this day I still develop crushes based on odd connections.  This holds true regarding my crush on the menswear designer Thom Browne.  The man designs clothing like he has me in mind – preppy colors, slim cuts, slightly cropped silhouettes, heavy use of cashmere….the list could go on.  But honestly, he has to love me because why else would he design such beautiful clothing that speaks to me on so many levels….

Some say that Mr. Browne’s aesthetic has completed changed the dynamics of menswear.  One fashion editor has even gone on the record having said Mr. Browne will be remembered as one of the most dynamic designers of this century. He has been called a “genius”.   I just want to call him “Boo Bear” ……

So Mr. Browne, should by some stroke of luck and happenstance, should you read this, I love you.  I love your clothes.  I love how they make me feel.  I love how they make me look.

In summary, Mr. Browne, I want to make little cashmere knit babies with you…..

Now that I have sufficiently embarrassed myself, is there a designer or clothing brand that you are particularly smitten with?  Share it in the comments section or even better, post a pic of yourself in your favorite outfit on Facebook, or shoot it to me on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Thom Browne …

  1. Courtney, I understand exactly what you mean. I have a thing for Michael Bastian. I love his clothes. It’s almost like he is designing for me. I think I could rock any piece of clothing he designs!

  2. What the….?!?!?!?!?!! Boo Bear?!?!?!!! OH, my God, Courtney!!!! You have me laughing like a hyena in labor up in here!!!!!!! You are SO crazy!!! If you have those cashmere knit babies, let me know and I will personally throw you a shower that makes the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee look like a 3-year-old’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese! I can see how Mr. Browne’s clothing line would be your style. From what I’ve seen of you in photos, his designs are right up your alley…as long as you lay off the Taco Bell tacos!!! (Seriously, honey…over a free taco??!?!!) In answer to your final question, I am a Talbot’s girl through and through. Classic, clean lines, youthful without being all “Does she think she’s 25 in that dress??!?”. I hope you have a very good weekend and, please…for the sake of all concerned…get some therapy!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. That was, seriously, laugh out loud funny! Although I can’t say that a particular designer has me smitten since shopping for and trying to find clothes for my 5’1″ 95 lb. frame gives me hives; just put me in a furniture store or home accessories store and I will find love…aahhh.

  4. He might see this if he has a google alert on his name. Aziz Ansari has one on his name. Hi, Aziz!

    I don’t find myself in love with a particular brand or designer. But I always seem to like Valentino when I see it on the red carpet.

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