Loving Out Loud: Fashion + Decor

There are few things I love more than decor, clothing and booze.  Until someone creates a website that combines this trio in a meaningful way, I am going to need to satisfy myself with the new web site Fashion + Decor  ….

As a designer (I still get a kick calling myself that!), I look for inspiration across a broad spectrum of sources.  I have always found fashion designers to be the most daring and bold proponents of color, mix patterns and pushing trends long before the home decor gets on board.  Looking at the creations of today’s leading and emerging designers, gives me artistic fuel and inspires me to think differently about how I use fabric, texture and color.

To be upfront, I have been lucky enough to be asked to contribute to the site so I do  have a vested interest.  However, I would have been a fool to say no!  Let’s be real, I get to spend a few hours a week looking at pictures of handsome men and pretty rooms and putting them together in pairings like this….

It’s hard work but hey, someone has to do it right?

So if you are looking for some weekend reading and major eye candy, check out Fashion + Decor .  As for myself, this weekend I will be returning tile samples, planning European vacation outfits and probably crying when I try on my swim trunks because Poppa hasn’t been to the gym in a very long time…..

Have a GREAT weekend and remember to take a little time for yourself!

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