Weekend Recap….

This weekend could have been all about work if I had allowed myself but after dealing with my Father’s health scare, I am trying with renewed effort to create a balance between work, blogging and life.


So starting clock-wise, my Friday consisted of sitting in traffic, drinking coffee and dealing with shelving.  I was able to break up the cycle with a great shopping/scouting trip with a new client.  We spent the remainder of the afternoon, sourcing couches, chairs and tile for his quick turn around project.


Saturday started off oddly like Friday – sitting in traffic.  Fortunately, that quickly got remedied since I was meeting another client for yet more shopping for his long-term project.  This client is a bachelor (as evidenced by his fridge contents) and we have been slowly working on his place.  Up next is his downstairs lounge/television room which is all about relaxing and hanging out.  It is going to be a huge departure from the rest of the space where we have gone Euro-modern with lots of Italian furniture and sleek pieces….

If the grasscloth is any indicator, we are going for something softer and more relaxed.  I am excited and have already been pounding out designs for custom coffee tables to bring in the client’s love of photography.


Sunday was all about enjoying the day and truly focusing on my family and friends.  So what better way to do that than through consumerism which I ended up doing in spades thanks to Saks.  Technically, the spree happened last week but I was able to play with all my new goodies on Sunday, so I think that counts.  But between all the playing, was able to squeeze in some quality time with a few magazines, make a few phone calls to grandparents and siblings and have she quality snuggle time with The Partner and this beast….

Clearly, he felt he was lacking for love from his stance…

So that was my weekend, not that exciting but definitely packed.  This weekend looks to be just as busy with meetings with a furniture maker, contractor and the fantastic folks at DIFFA’s Dining by Design.

How was your weekend?

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