Weekend Recap . . .

This weekend started slow and worked its way to a frenzy that has culminated in me partaking in large amount of caffeine and sleep deprivation….

Friday was all about focus and determination.  Hahahahahaha.  No really, it was all about gin and tonics or I should say trying to figure out what to substitute for the lack of limes in the house.  Surprisingly, Sun Drop soda in a pinch with tonic water and gin isn’t that bad.  However, that combination led to a run to my favorite taco joint and after that…..well it’s just becomes a blur of guacamole and frenzied eating …

Saturday marked a variety of landmarks with me spotting my first baby turkey while delivering some items to my Calvert Court project.  It almost makes me feel bad that I had a turkey club for lunch earlier that day…..almost.  Second and third are sorta the same but for the sake of the story, I will combine them into one mention.  The Bay Area had its hottest day to date which reduced me to wearing not only shorts but a tank top.  Mind you my body has not seen a tank/short combo since my vacation in Mexico and my judgement was impaired by copious amounts of margaritas, so it was a shock.

But I will say what was the biggest landmark on Saturday was realizing that I am almost complete with the Calvert Court project….

We got back the swivel chair from the upholsterer and I could not be more pleased. I love the Joseph Noble ostrich fabric and how well it works with the wallpaper.  We are pairing it with a Regina Andrews lamp and a set of brass and tortoise shell nesting tables the client already had. In addition we are hanging some amazing Disney artwork that pick up the colors from the rest of the room.  It’s fun, kitschy but not wacky.   I still kick myself that I am working on this project!

Sunday found me up at an ungodly hour to catch a plane back home to Michigan.  I am in town for a few days to lend a hand to the family as we work through a few things.  Fortunately, I love visiting my parent’s home and found the perfect setting to plop myself down and recoup from the stampede that always occur when trying to disembark from a plane.  I stuffed my face and caught up on family gossip – it was a good thing.

I may be incognito for a day or two as I tie up some things at home, so bear with me.  So as I hunker down for a bit in Michigan, tell me about your weekend?

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