For Sale….

I am selling my house and moving to Canada.

Seriously.  I loved every waking moment I was in that country.  Aside from the fact that I honestly do think that it is the cleanest country I have ever been in, it also boasts some amazing people….

The above are my peeps.  They are my design mentors.  They are my sassy gang of lovely Canadian honeys who could design most folks under the table without breaking a sweat.  In turn, these are three of the bad ass mommas I know and they served as amazing hosts to me while I was away last week.  Between the mentoring, the dinners and the occasional shopping spree, last week is a blur of awesomeness that I am sure I will remember only in some quasi-LCD like flashbacks…..

With all things, they must come to an end and I am now back to my regular life — which mind you is pretty awesome so I am not complaining.  Right now my “normal” life consists of trying to help two clients downsize which means I have some items that are up for sale….


Client bought it, stored it and we opted not to use it in the final design.  It is 5×8, brand new and needs a good home.  We are asking $425 for it.


The piece is two months old from a company called Go Home out of NYC.  The company specializes in reclaimed wood and salvage pieces.  Here is a description of the desk from their catalog:
  • Dimensions: 49.5″ L x 25.5″ D x 34″ H
  • Materials: Wood and Brass
  • Finish: Euro Waxed
The desk is made from a heavy salvage wood, brass and brass piping — all pieces salvaged but it has an interesting mix of campaigner, mid-century and class lines.  I think it would look great in your office, if they dimensions fit.  I have included a pic of it from the catalog as well as some “action shots” from the client’s home.  If you are interested, the asking price is $450.
The client is bidding adieu to one iconic Parker design in Nickel.  This was in their current room and they opted to go with a different design.  It is used, but in pristine condition.  Asking price is $200.
Note that all items can be delivered in the Bay Area for a nominal fee with the exception of the campaign desk which will require the help of two people to unload.  Items can also be shipped via USPS or Greyhound Freight for additional costs.  Questions?  Shoot me an email at
Alrighty, I have a to-do list longer than a baby’s arm so let me get cracking!  Hope you have a fantastic Monday and start to your week!
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8 thoughts on “For Sale….

  1. Glad you had a great time here in Calgary Courtney! You didn’t have the best of our weather but it sounds like you were too busy anyway! Sun is shining today and it’s going to be a great week! Good luck with the downsizing jobs!

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