Exploring Canada Continues…

After five days in Canada, I have yet to acquire a taste for maple syrup or say the word “aboot” but I have acquired a taste for its fantastic designers.  Seriously folks, Canada has something in the water because I have met some talented folks these last few days.  Again major thanks to Meredith Heron for playing my “God Design Mother” in Toronto.  All you publishing peeps out there, somebody better grab a sister and give her a book ASAP because she has CRAZY knowledge to share.  If nothing else, she needs to give a master class or two…..

Speaking of “sisters”, I am off to yet another Canadian city to meet up with my two design diva “sisters” Erica and Melissa to continue the learn spree.  So up next on my Canadian road trip….

I get 2 days in Calgary with my lovely ladies and I don’t plan on wasting a minute of it.  So check back on Monday for updates from my road trip as well as some tasty design tidbits from my other design projects.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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