Okay, I Will Show Y’all…..Credenza Reveal


Y’all are a persistent bunch of blog readers (and that is why I love y’all)!  While I have been living it up with my Canadian hosts, I have been besieged with requests to see the full media credenza I posted a peek of last week that Thomas Wold designed.

Well never let it be said, I am not a softy for a well-placed request.  I was able to snag a picture of the piece in the space and if I do say so myself, it is pretty damn stunning……

Honestly, the rosewood against the gold grasscloth is heavenly.  Now add in groovy vintage artwork, glass & a shiny black floor and by golly, you have the makings of a fabulous living room.

I am loving how the moody living room is vibing off the dining room’s peacock ceiling.  It’s all about contrast and tension baby — and this project has it in spades!

As for the cat in the pic — well he is there just because it was funny.  Honestly, can’t take myself too seriously and he was the perfect foil for the pic…..

So there you  have it — I gave you the full reveal of the piece, so no more tweets and emails!  However, magazines, feel free to tweet and email.  I am sure one of y’all out there needs to have this project on your pages.  It is begging to be published.  But should you feel the urge to pass on this one,  I have several other projects in the pipeline, each more fab then the next.  There are  plenty of stories to be had for all so no fighting please……

On a side note, I can’t express my gratitude to Meredith Heron and her team for a fantastic visit to Toronto and mentoring experience.  Her team is ACE and seriously on point.  I learned so much and am truly thankful to be given this opportunity.  Up next…..I am boarding a plane to Calgary to visit the divine Erica of Moth Design and the simply marvelous Melissa of Veranda Interiors.  My week of Canada Design School continues……

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