Be Right Back….

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but I have good reason for my silence because I am….

The opportunity to spend a few days shadowing the incomparable Meredith Heron fell into my lap and I will be damned if I was going to let it slip through my fingers.  So I hopped a flight on Monday will be spending the week kicking it with Ms. Heron and her team.

Yesterday was a blur of meetings, fabrics and sweat…..yes for some odd reason the Toronto weather does not agree with my California sensibilities.  I literally broke out in a flop sweat at least three times during the course of the day.  Honestly, you would have sworn me and Richard Nixon were twins (if you don’t get that reference, go do an internet search for Nixon and sweating).

In any case, I am off to find an outfit that hides sweat pits!  Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “Be Right Back….

  1. I know EXACTLY what that reference to President Nixon means! He’s from my era! I use that same reference when I’m talking about my hot flashes! 🙂 Have fun in Toronto. Wow…that’s a great opportunity!!!

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