Calvert Court Project: Thomas Wold Media Cabinet…

Sometimes you find an artisan who is in perfect harmony with your design vision.  That was the case of working with Thomas Wold who I hired to create a media cabinet for my Calvert Court clients.  We wanted something that recognized the mid-century nature of the home but in an irreverent way that is in line with the clients’ personality…..

What Thomas created was a self-contained media world for lack of a better explanation.  He took my initial concept and the client’s request and morphed them into a rosewood, brass and turquoise delight that will hold the flat screen TV as well as all their media components.  It is truly beautiful from the front and back.

And leave it to  Thomas not to overlook the details…..

Honestly, are those brass keyhole pulls delicious?  Seriously, I wet myself a little when I saw the final piece.  Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait until the big reveal….well that is unless any magazines want to give me my first feature spread.

Just saying….

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4 thoughts on “Calvert Court Project: Thomas Wold Media Cabinet…

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