Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend…

Is there anything sweeter than the phrase, “3-Day Weekend”? Seriously, even though I work from my home, I still relish three-day weekends because it allows me one extra day of time with friends and family. And believe me, I used every minute I could the last few days…..

I spent the  majority of Friday sketching out window seat options for the Douglass project.  They have a cute little alcove that is begging for a built-in seat and storage.  It’s a splurge on our tight budget, but it’s something they and future homeowners will enjoy for years to come….

Saturday found The Partner and myself on the back roads to Sonoma where we met up with three friends for an afternoon of wine tasting….

Okay, “wine tasting” makes it sounds classy what we did.  We drank three bottles of champagne and gorged ourselves with a kick-ass picnic spread starting that culminated in a pecan pie.  My mid-section is cursing me…..

After our gorge-fest the previous day, we took it easy on Sunday with me catching up on some much-needed inspirational reading and The Partner watching the French Open….

Yet somewhere along what would have been a civilized morning and afternoon, I ended up doing an impromptu boudoir photo shoot with Scruffy.  It was pretty hilarious…..all we were lacking was a feather boa….

After I composed myself from my afternoon of doggy glamour shots, we went to a friend’s apartment for dinner and was treated to one of the most amazing cakes I have ever had.  The cake was banana with cream cheese frosting and is called a “YOLO” Cake for you only live once, so eat up!  Honestly, I don’t think I could have named such a decadent cake any better….

Monday I played host and tour guide to a  dear friend from San Francisco.  We talked, walked around the hills of Oakland and stopped by one of my favorite coffee spots, Monkey Forest Road.  It is a fantastic shop that happens to make some of the best coffee in the East Bay.  Plus, you get to sit in their showroom and soak in sights like the one above as you sip…..

And we capped off our long weekend with a trip to have Shanghai dumplings — delicious  little dough pockets filled with scallions, pork and a gingery broth.  They are absolutely one of the best things ever and the perfect way to end the weekend with The Partner and our friend.

So what did you do with your long weekend?  This week is going to be a tad crazy since I leave for Canada next Monday and have a ton of projects to square away!

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: Memorial Day Weekend…

  1. Okay, are you really trying to get away with not posting a recipe for a YOLO cake?! Pretty please? I’ve never heard of it before. Glad you had some downtime this weekend.

    • I wish I had the recipe! The cake was brought by another person at the dinner party that I didn’t know. I will snoop around and see what I can find….

  2. Shanghai dumplings! Yummy! Where? I haven’t had some since I first tried them in NYC. Would love to find place here where they are good!

  3. Oh, my goodness…you went on a total food fest over the weekend! Good for you!!! I’m happy for you and proud!!! Don’t let that waist line bug you…you are young, and it will bounce right back in! Canada next week? Well, alright!!! Enjoy!

    • Thanks – I wouldn’t call myself “good” but vastly improved in the last few months. And I am always hungry – typically for junk food and coffee but sometimes I work it out and get decent food 🙂

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