Form Meets Function from One Project Closer….

I know that many designers would state that form trumps function but I think the best designs are when form meets function.  Fortunately, I am not alone in this club and was able to convince the DIY gurus over at One Project Closer to contribute a guest post on how they found practical and stylish ways to give some pizzazz to their garage cum work space……

Hi, my name is Ethan, and I am one of the four editors of One Project Closer. OPC is a website where Fred, Kim, Jocie, and I share home improvement how-tos, tool reviews, discounts for home centers, and crafty projects. While the Jocie focuses on things like his and her artwork, Fred and I usually write about things like installing crown molding. The other female power house of the group is Kim, who in addition to sharing her gardening and home projects, updates our coupon pages like this Lowe’s coupon page. We hope you’ll stop by our site and say hello!

I’ll be the first to admit that style and design is not my strong suit, but I can appreciate the need for color and visual interest in every space….. even a workshop. When Fred and I started putting together the official OPC shop, we did a few things that you won’t find in every other workshop to make it more than just a place to play with power tools. Everything I’m going to write about is available at your local home center, and even if you prefer a different color scheme, I hope this article inspires you to reclaim that garage or workshop.

If your garage floor is anything like ours, it’s dull concrete with cracks and oil stains everywhere. To give the floor a polished look, we used a two-part, epoxy garage floor coating. Quikrete offers a number of floor coatings for garages, patios, sidewalks and more. The first coat establishes a base color, and there are several to chose from. The second coat acts as a sealer that protects the floor, and if we had been a little more daring, could seal in some sort of artwork too. You can see in the image that we just sprinkled flakes.

Every good work space needs light, and we wanted lots of it. In addition to installing 16 recessed lights, we mounted track light around the perimeter of the room. I especially like this because it allows me to spotlight a specific tool or work area. In addition to being functional, the track lighting also lends a sort of studio feel. It’s almost like we’re on the set of a TV show.

The last thing we did to liven up our workshop is to paint some of the utilities. We surface mounted all the electrical receptacles and there is the typical electrical panel in the corner. Rather than leave them as is, we used spray paint to give them a bold, red color.

I hope this short introduction to our workshop gives you some great ideas for what you can accomplish in your own garage or workshop to make it a fun space. And a big thanks to Courtney for letting us share it with you.
No Ethan, it is me who should be thanking you for showing me and my readers that you can create design anywhere in your home with a little thought and simple materials!   And if you can’t get enough of me and Ethan today, check over at Centsational Girl’s blogthis afternoon where we are discussing how to determine the best patio pavers for your outdoor space.

So tell me, how does your work space look?  Take a pic and share it with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.


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