Weekend Recap ….

The temperamental weather gods of Northern California have bestowed on us wonderful weather for the month of May, so I spent the majority of the weekend soaking up every bit of it……

Threw on a simple out of my favorite Club Monaco raw denim jacket, white tee and J Crew pink chinos for a lunch with a fellow design friend……

Caesar salads, asparagus with beets, blue cheese and lemon sauce and lattes fueled us for an afternoon gabfest on our personal lives, work and planning for the future…….

I snuck in a bit of shopping at Urban Outfitters thanks to a store credit and was able to pick up this adorable Crosley radio to replace the one that is dying in our kitchen….

A quick change of clothes and I was in San Francisco to meet a new client where we toasted the start of his project…..

I finished Friday looking for the perfect spot to place the lamp that my friend, Ron, made for me.  It is a one of my new favorite pieces and I am excited to show it to clients as a potential lighting option.

Saturday found me visiting the local auction house where I was able to score a painting, a Turkish rug for the kitchen and great chair for a client…..

I think one of the reasons I like going to the auction is because it is a block way from one of my favorite lunch places, Bake Sale Betty’s – their fried chicken sandwich is what dreams (and clogged arteries) are made of…..

My dog I think was needy for attention or just finished reading Doggy Vogue because he was striking some serious glamour shot poses which I had to take pics of…….

The Partner and I finished the day over bowls of steaming ramen at a little shop around the corner from our house as the warm night breeze blew through……

Sunday I had a late brunch with my friend  Shannon and by brunch I mean a martini, extra dirty with three olives at the Lake Chalet in Oakland……

I puttered around the garden, weeding, planting bulbs and tending to the container gardens before the big event…..

The solar eclipse was amazing even though, we didn’t plan well for it.  But thanks to our crafty 4-year-old neighbor, we were able to join in the fun……

And with that final event, I crashed…hence the late post today!

So how was your weekend?

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap ….

  1. Now you know you ought to be ashamed to admit that it took a 4-year-old….I’m not even gonna go there! 😉 I totally missed the eclipse, dadgum it! Looks like you ate really well over the weekend (that fried chicken sandwich looks wonderful!!!) and had a good time. I ate well, too, as we were in Nashville, TN for hubby’s med school reunion. Those folks can BURN down there!!! I chowed down! Have a good week!!!

    • I have yet to visit Nashville and really need to get my tail in gear for a visit. And yes we were ashamed taking advice from a 4-year-old but truth normally comes from the mouthes of babes……

  2. I am lovin’ the pink pants! It sounds like you had a fun and glamorous weekend! Sadly, mine was not as glam and involved lots of hard outside work on the yard. Maybe next weekend…

  3. I love your outfit! Seeing Lake Merrit reminds me of growing up in the Bay Area…how I miss it! Good you are able to enjoy what is on your doorstep.

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