Milo Baughman….I Think I Love You……

I am in search of the “perfect chair” for a client’s living room.  They hired me to redo the living room of their Victorian in San Francisco.   I love these clients –  sophisticated European couple with great taste but a small budget, so to get the look they desire, I am going the vintage route.  So far, many of the items for the room have been easy to source but the room is in need of a statement piece and I think a Milo Baughman type of chair would be phenomenal.

Actually, having a Milo Baughman chair for the room would be my client’s wet dream.  And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want one for their own home?  They are classic, sexy and work so well in transitional spaces.

And they cost more than adopting a small child from Africa……..

However, I think that the “design gods” are smiling on me because I spotted this pair of beauties online for a crazy price… Octomom crazy good prices….

Yes I know they need a little love but honestly, did you really expect a mint condition Milo Baughman chair to fall from the sky?  For this client, I am going to lobby harder than the tobacco industry does in DC to have the chairs recovered in yellow velvet.  Seriously could you stand these in yellow velvet?  Good grief, those chair in yellow velvet would make the room sing and me do a happy dance….

The only thing standing between me and design success?  About 1000 miles since the chairs are in Atlanta and I am in Oakland.  I have contacted the seller to see if they would ship if I organized it on my side.  Fingers crossed this all works.

So do you have a dream item for your home?  What is it?  Today is all about deliveries for me ….I have three today for one client!

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