Weekend Recap . . .

This weekend was quiet and a tad reflective.  Earlier in the week, The Partner learned that his Grandfather had taken gravely ill.  He flew out to NYC and within a day his arrival, his Grandfather passed away.  It was a bit of a shock to everyone’s system but it was not entirely unexpected being the Grandfather was in his 90s.  The Grandmother wanted a very small and intimate funeral with only immediate family, so the “spouses” all decided to give them their space and we stayed home.

To take my mind off the loss, I spent my days doing busy work including……

….picking up a pair of chairs for a project.  The best way I can describe them is as “upscale futon chairs” since they are not really padded or upholstered.  They have a canvas sling suspended on a metal under frame.  They are in need of some TLC, so I am going to (1) stain them a deep walnut and (2) see if my upholstery guy can create a leather sling for them.  Once done, I think they will be mondo chic.

….. purchasing inserts for the Hawthorne Street pillows.  The sectional sofa arrived this weekend and it is a beauty.  Covered in Joseph Noble fabric, it is a bit shiny, a bit tufted and a lot of awesome going on in the room.  The pillows we had made are the perfect accent to the space and just sing when placed aside the wall stencil……

….. going to brunch with my good friend and is boyfriend at one of my favorite spots, Somerset, in Oakland.  It was a beautiful day to sit under the vines, chat and try to forget about the week’s events.

….. being comforted a great dog.  They say animals know when something is wrong and I believe that.  Scruffy has been nothing but a cuddle bum these last few days and quite low-key.  I think he knows I am a bit sad and in his own way, doing what he can to lighten the mood.  I will say it again, I have the best dog in the world….but then I am bias.

Today is going to be quite – some more sketches of shelving designs and some quite errands on behalf of The Partner.  And maybe a long walk for Scruffy (and secretly for me too but don’t tell him that).  So how was your weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap . . .

  1. Hi, Courtney! So sorry to hear about The Partner’s Grandfather. How sweet of you to give his family the space they felt they needed to let the healing begin. I’m glad you were able to fill your weekend with lots of projects and relaxing time with friends and dear Scruffy!

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