Calvert Court Update: Wallpaper…..

I have been working on several long term projects, one of which is the Calvert Court project in the beautiful hills of Piedmont (which is the fancy name for the part of Oakland that seceded years ago).  In any case, the couple I am working for are true mid-century buffs and we have slowly been working on the main living quarters (bedroom, dining room and living room)  since the start of the year to update the house.

It’s been slow slogging but this week was a bright spot as we hung the wallpaper in the bedroom and living room.  What should have been a nightmare installation thanks to thick paper, metallic surfaces and uneven walls was saved by my wallpaper installer Susan.  She worked her wallpaper voodoo and aside from some two small patches that need some work, the installation ran flawlessly.

In the bedroom, we opted to install a paper wall covering from Prestigious Wallcoverings called “Rhythm” which fits the mood perfectly.  The paper is a soft creamy white with a gold metallic wave pattern.  It’s a bit mid-century but definitely sophisticated yet fun – the perfect trio in my book……

In the living room, we wanted a slightly more masculine feel, so we opted for a bronze faux silk wall covering from Thibault.  Funny enough, when we received the wall covering sample, someone had written the words “style” across the back of it.  While not the covering’s name, “style” fit the paper perfectly and its what we kept referring to it as throughout the process……

So we got rhythm and we got style….who can ask for anything more?

Well the clients are asking, since there is still a TON of styling to to be done, a ceiling to painted (notice those patch swatches in the living room pic) and custom furniture to receive.  The space is going to be a showstopper – it just needs to get done!

So tell me, how do you feel about wallpaper in your own home?  Love it or leave it?  And one final thought, thank you to everyone who supported my Joss & Main sale!

Okay, I am off to sketch shelving and work with a decorative painter on one final element for the Hawthorne Street project.

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2 thoughts on “Calvert Court Update: Wallpaper…..

  1. I love the texture of the wallpaper, but I would use is sparingly since it is not as easy to change when you decorate. I do love the wallpaper you choose especially with that teal, or peacock as the cool kids are calling it, right?

    And thank you for getting that song stuck in my head. Good thing it is a great song.


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