Recipe: Balsamic Chicken With Peppers….

It’s been a while since I have posted a recipe, so I thought it may be nice to share a recipe I use throughout the Summer.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t love cooking during the Summer months.  Maybe it’s a mental thing or the fact that my kitchen is hotter than Hades during a heat wave during the warmer months, but I tend to avoid spending prolonged stretches of time in the kitchen come May – August.  However, if I must cook, then this Balsamic Chicken with Peppers is one of my favorite recipes to whip up.

Originally from the Williams-Sonoma Food Made Fast series of cookbooks, I have modified it  to include more vinegar and garlic.  Additionally, I like using red basil since it adds beautiful purple flecks throughout the dish.  I typically serve this dish with roasted fingerling potatoes and a quick stir-fry of snap peas.  However, you can feel free to substitute rice for the potatoes and whatever veggie you have on hand.  A melody of summer squash and zucchini would be great with this dish as would a cold green bean salad.

Just a quick reminder that my Joss and Main Curated Sale is drawing to an end, so if you haven’t stopped by, now is the time.  There are still some great deals to be had and a few of my favorite pieces are still waiting for a special home!

Additionally, today I am over at my girl’s blog Hi Sugarplum as part of her series,  Marry, Make-out and Muzzle.   It’s a fun post with some major eye-candy!

So tell me, do you have a “go to” dish for the Summer months?  If so, share the recipe by leaving a comment or shooting me an email.  I am off to a wallpaper installation today.  Check out my Twitter feed for pictures!

Want more recipes?  Check out my recipe library that includes easy to follow and tasty dishes with tips on how to get the best results!

4 thoughts on “Recipe: Balsamic Chicken With Peppers….

  1. YUM!! We’re back from our trip, and ate so much good food up there that I’m determined to cook more. And better, healthier meals. This should last at least a week. 🙂

    thanks for posting for me today…love it!! xo

  2. Looks and sounds delicious! I love balsamic vinegar and try to use it as much as possible, especially with tomatoes. Will definitely be trying this recipe!

  3. That really looks good!!! I don’t care to cook in the summer, either. Like you said, it heats up the house. It’s even worse going out on the deck to grill since a storm took out one of our big shade trees, though. I guess all that’s left to make for dinner is reservations! 😉

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