Craigslist Find: Blue Vinyl Chairs…..

So let me get the obvious stuff out of the way….thank you to everyone who is supporting my Joss and Main Curated Sale.  Things are selling out and while I like to think its due to my killer tastes, it’s really because of y’all.   So selfishly, I am going to say KEEP BUYING!  Think of it as doing your patriotic duty to help spur the economy!

Okay, that aside, today I am off to look at a pair of 1960s vintage blue vinyl office chairs that I found on Craigslist…..

I am instantly drawn to the shape of the chairs and think they would look fabulous in one of my client projects.  They definitely need some TLC but I envision them as beautiful sculptural  accents in a living room or den.

I would recover the chair in a light creamy linen with  (maybe black) linen contrast welt.  Or  I see these in a masculine herringbone with chocolate leather welting, but in either case, it is the shape the chair that really is the star!

I go look at them today and fingers crossed I can get them for a good deal!  Speaking of other drool worthy furniture, check out the article I did for CasaSugar on my “covet-worthy lust list” from Spring High Point Market.

Okay, off to run some errands and see my potential new scores!  So tell me, what one piece of furniture is on your “lust list” for Spring/Summer?

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5 thoughts on “Craigslist Find: Blue Vinyl Chairs…..

  1. Visiting you from Hi SugarPlum and am now a loyal follower! I was laughing out loud at the comment on Newt’s wife’s hair. The lady is one frightening chick!

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