High Point …. Here I Come…..

I am scared.

I can deal with zombies, packs of rabid dogs or even the occasional right-wing rally, but the thought of flying across the country and dropping myself into the center of the largest furniture and home goods event in the US scares the crap out of me.  But I am doing it….yuppers, tomorrow I get on a plane go head to High Point.

I wasn’t that afraid as I had originally planned to meet up with a fellow designer who has  visited High Point on several occasions and knows the lay of the land.  Unfortunately, things popped up and she will not be attending this year, so that leaves me by myself to navigate sans a “High Point Sherpa”.  I figure, I have shopped by myself enough times that this can’t be much different right?  Well here is to hoping!

If you follow me on Twitter, I will be tweeting away so be forewarned that you are going to be an overload of furniture AWESOMENESS in the next few days!

To help ease my nerves, I created a quick flower arrangement for the kitchen……

I know …I know….some folks get a massage or a manicure, I go to the grocery store and buy flowers.  It’s odd but it works for me.  I found some beautiful daffodils and used yellow filler as well as greenery from the patio round out the arrangement.  Rather than place the arrangement in a vase, I opted to use a small marble urn I had left over from another project.  I thought the structured form of the urn it was an unexpected choice for such an organic and free bouquet.

So I have my kitchen looking spiffy but I am still a nervous wreck.  I am sure it will all work out once I get on the ground but until then, my stomach will be doing flip-flops.  Okay, hope you all have a fantastic weekend and wherever you may be, there is some beautiful weather for you to enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “High Point …. Here I Come…..

  1. I do the same thing…flowers calm me, lift my spirits and make me smile. So if I’m ever having a bad day, I do exactly like you and run off to the grocery store for some flowers. Works every time! 🙂 Good luck this weekend and have fun!

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to the High Point Market. The sad thing is that I live less than 20 miles away from the place (I think that might be considered a cardinal sin to some North Carolinians). Have a blast this weekend and I hope you enjoy the Southern Hospitality.

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