Take to the Floor…..

So let’s discuss a little story about a designer I  shall call “Corey Blake”.  Corey was an aspiring designer who wanted nothing more than to score his first paid design gig.  He worked tireless, contacting friends and relatives trying to convince them that he was a consummate professional and ready to tackle his first true design gig.  Eventually Corey convinced a family friend and he went about creating a room that was beautiful, lush and full of furniture…..

Actually a bit too full of furniture, since he convinced the client to buy two end tables that couldn’t fit into the space.  See Corey was a bit full of himself and convinced that he could “eye” the space in the room to create the perfect layout.  “I don’t need a stinkin’ furniture plan” he thought.  So off he went on his little buying spree only to have egg on his face a few weeks later.  What he thought would be his first paying gig turned into him owing $200 to the client to cover the cost of the end tables.  Fortunately he was able to recoup his losses by selling them on CraigsList, but it was a lesson that he never forgot.

Always “take it the floor” in the form of a furniture plan……

The furniture plan is one of the first things I start with for a project.  This is where I play with different ideas, furniture styles and room configurations.  All it costs me is my time and creativity.  It is also one of the first things I present to a client — before fabric swatches, paint treatments or “wow factor” items.  I want them to really understand how the room will work and traffic will flow.

This client opted to go with Plan #3 which includes a sectional sofa – not my first choice but again I am designing a room for how they live, not how I think they should live……

The plan still needs to tweaked to include some changes the client envisions.  Once those tweaks are made, I will set to work on doing some sketches from various viewpoints so they can see details and we can continue to flush out the design.

So take a lesson from “Corey” and subsequently J.Lo – always take it to the floor!

Alrighty, off to have breakfast with the glamorous and wonderful Erin of Apartment 34 so I can pick her brain.  So tell me, have you ever bought furniture only to realize that it wouldn’t fit in your space?

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4 thoughts on “Take to the Floor…..

  1. Hi Courtney,
    About 5 years ago I purchased a fabulously huge armoire from Hotel Surplus Outlet in LA. I sent it by ship to Israel and two months later found it wouldn’t fit through the doorway of the bedroom it was intended for. It takes pride of place in the salon.
    I love your blog and voted for you ;D

  2. This is so true! I mostly work with e-decorating clients but always, always start with a floor plan. If I know what size sofa or table will fit in advance, it not only saves time shopping but saves some serious mistakes as well. Shame I can’t seem to apply this theory to my own place but keep picking up amazing secondhand pieces without checking whether they will fit!

    Love your blog xx

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