Joyus Recap: Why Did He Do That……

Hey y’all !

It’s the  final week of voting for’s Viewer Choice Challenge!  I thought it would be fun to recap the process and explain some of my design decisions .  To give a brief reminder of the contest, myself and 6 bloggers were given a blank “white room” in which to create a living room space.  Each blogger was given access to artwork, furniture and accessories from a variety of companies such as H.D. Buttercup and 20×200 from which to decorate the room in 4 hours.

I opted to go with the idea of color, pattern and texture for my space after spying a great rug that I thought could be the unifying item for the space.

In all truth, that rug was a god-send as it helped me quickly cull through the various furniture and accessory options.  It took me about a half hour to pull the items I wanted to use in the space.   The rug inspired my selection of the purple chairs and grey couch as well as the inlaid trays.   With selections made it became a job all about staging and accessorizing.

So to address the “elephant” in the room – the vase with the tray on it that I used as a side table.  I have read through the numerous comments  on and to address the concerns actually, it was pretty stable.   But in all likelihood if I was to do this in a room that was not for “show”, I would epoxy the tray to the vase for added stability.  However, I think the point I made was valid – look for items you already have in your home and recycle them.  A tray plus an old pot could just as easily become an end table …… think outside of the box so you don’t have to dig inside your wallet.

I also got some flack for my “ban the bookcase” (BTB) comment but I still stand by it.  Unless bookcases are staged correctly, they become a catchall for clutter –and clutter my friends destroys even the best designs.  By stacking the books under the chairs, not only was I giving the chairs additional visual heft, I was using space that would normally be overlooked.  I love stacking large art books beside chairs, under furniture or in little niches.  I think of them as sculpture.   Honestly I can’t say the number of times I have found people sitting on the floor flipping through a new discovery.  As for them getting dirty, I have a dog who sheds so I dust once a week and have never had an issue with damage.

However, what surprises me most is the feedback I have gotten on the gallery wall.  Evidently, the votes are evenly split – folks either love a gallery wall or hate them with the same passion as they reserve for telemarketers.  Personally, like french fries, I have yet to meet a gallery wall I did not love.  Let it be noted that we weren’t given any large-scale pieces of artwork to use, so I opted to fill the wall space ala gallery style.  It allowed me to use the variety small prints we had on hand and create a unifying theme via their frame finish.  Using the paper templates were a quick and easy way to get the pictures perfectly placed in a quick manner.

Overall, I am still happy with the room I created.  Are there things I would change about it?  Sure!  I would love to have fresh flowers and real plants.  I would love to have a large-scale art piece for above the couch.  I wish I had added another end table beside the purple chairs.  And that list could go on…..

In the end, this was an exercise in thinking on your feet, using what you have in  interesting ways and sharing some tips on how to navigate the tricky terrain of decorating for yourself.  What I can say is that I had a TON of fun and learned a lot about how to work on camera.  My biggest takeaway from all of this is my newfound respect for Ryan Seacrest.  Honestly how he smiles for the camera, remembers what to say and doesn’t sweat like he just ran a 5K is beyond me.  I bow down to his overly tanned, slightly plastic self…….

Okay peeps, I am officially solidly in 3rd place.  I harbor no notion that I may win this thing, but I just don’t want to come in last.  I will even take Mr. Congeniality (which we all know is a cop out for the person they feel least threatened by).  I just don’t want to be last, so if you can help a brotha out, I would appreciate it.  Voting closes April 23 and each time you vote, you are entered to win a $1500 shopping spree from

Okay I am off to see if I can precariously place any more trays on wayward vases!

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6 thoughts on “Joyus Recap: Why Did He Do That……

  1. Okay, so personally…I was a little surprised when you made your ban the bookcase comment. But only because I am a book-a-holic and have bookshelves in almost every room in my house. But then I absolutely loved your reasoning behind BTB. I was thrilled to find a new, fresh way to display my books…because I LOVE decorating with books almost as much as I love to read them. 🙂 (My Dad calls bookshelves “expensive wallpaper.” hahaha.) So don’t even give a second thought to the people who are giving you flack! Your BTB idea was brilliant!

  2. I just thought that I would let you know how I found you and a thought I had last night! I have followed one of the other parties for a long time and when there was a post on that blog I found you! I actually came to the conclusion that probably the person with the most followers will win this, but as a happy aside, all the contestants got a chance to “piggyback” everyone elses followers and pick up a few of them, and looking at the figures it seems to me that winners of the voting had a strong following that should (if they are interested in design) be looking at your work and following you as well now, like I am! So take heart, you won me =)

    • Thank you Sacha – I appreciate the comment. As I said, winning wasn’t on my list of things for this contest. It was really about proving to myself that I could hang with the “big boys and girls” and I did. So even if I come in dead last (which hopefully I won’t) I can hold my head high!

  3. What the heck happened with that Tartanscott guy?! He was a distant last and then all of a sudden–boom!

    I don’t expect you to actually answer that question, but seriously…he came out of nowhere in the votes.

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