My Weekend…..

My weekend started off relaxing enough with a massage thanks to The Partner.  I was kneaded for  a glorious 75 minutes – by the end I was the human equivalent of Silly Putty.  We then headed off to brunch where I tackled a corned beef sandwich the size of my head.

Relaxed, bloated and happy, I came home to get acquainted with these…….

It was time to face the reality that I had real work to do, so I plopped myself down at the kitchen table and banged out some sketches for color options for a bathroom I am working on……

I spent the remainder of the day taking Scruffy to the dog walk near the bay (Point Isabelle) and hosting a couple of friends for an impromptu dinner.

Sunday, I was right back to the grind as I made final fabric selections for a living room project ….

And then revisited my impromptu “workspace” aka the dining table to bang out some more sketches to determine an accent wall color for the same project……

Once all of that was settled, I was greeted by a lethargic dog thanks to his month flea and tick medication …..

Worried about our little fur ball, The Partner and I took turns through the night getting up to check on him.  He is still a tad off his mark but he ate all of his breakfast so I am grateful for the progress.

So that brings me to Monday — and guess what I will be doing?  Yup, drawing some stuff for class.  So if you please excuse me, I have to clear the breakfast dishes off my work space.

How did your weekend go?  Accomplish your to do list or did you lounge on the couch and catch up on your DVR watching?

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5 thoughts on “My Weekend…..

  1. I didn’t know you could draw. I guess that comes with the territory of being a designer.

    My weekend was good. My hubby and I started watching Frost vs. Nixon. We tivo’d it several months ago and are just now getting around to watching it. It all comes with the territory of having a toddler, methinks.

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend! I hit the succulent sale but by 9:30 it was nearly decimated! Crazy succulent lovers around here . . . sorry I couldn’t score anything awesome for you. BTW have you made it to Flowerland yet?

  3. Dang you! Now I feel the absolute NEED to go out and find a corned beef sandwich!!! Do you know what that’ll do to my blood pressure?!??!?!! I’m and old woman…I can’t take it!!! But I’ll suffer through it somehow! 🙂 Hey, you might have goofed off some, but at least you got some work done, too. That’s always a win-win situation in my book! Hope your baby feels better soon!

  4. your drawings are beautiful! we’re just starting to do color renderings like that in school and your post has me inspired and excited to jump into homework – a rare occurence.. thanks!

  5. Ha ha ha – great minds think alike! Found this “coiffure” practice head sheet in one of my vintage fashion illustration books that is amazing. I’ve been doing color studies of hair color for some head practice I got in this weekend. There is no way to make that not pervy, is there?

    Anyways, nice to see your work.

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