Loving Out Loud: Christopher Guy

Within many fashionable circles, many say that you should judge a lady not by her entrance but by her exit.  Anyone can make a splashy show upon entering a room and have all eyes on them, but to leave a room and have its inhabitants wanting more…well that my friends is a skill that is equal part charm, finesse, intelligence and sex appeal.

So when I saw this chair by designer Christopher Guy, I was impressed by the front, but was seduced when I was able to glimpse the back…….

Mr. Guy puts extreme care in ensuring that his furniture pieces look fantastic from all angles.  Some may call his work showy or a mildly extreme, I see his pieces as jewels that you sprinkle throughout your design.  A room full of his signature pieces would be hard to swallow, but a set of the above chairs as you enter a room or one of his seatees in an entry way is a fantastic way to make a bold statement using very little……..

I am filing away his Earring Chair in my “Must Use” file for just the right client.  Heck, I just may bite the bullet and use it for myself!  So tell me, do you like your furniture to make a statement or do you prefer everything to live  in harmonious unity?

So I never got around to sketching pillows yesterday so I am doing double duty today with homework and real work.  I will be quite happy when this class is over!  Okay off to start the day…..

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3 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Christopher Guy

  1. Suddenly the lyrics to Justin Timberlake’s “Damn, Girl!” just popped into my head when I say this furniture and your description. If you’ve never heard it, you should take a listen. It totally describes this!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Courtney- Love your story on Chrstopher Guy.
    I sent you an email and an invitation to a Christioher Guy event and the email bounced back. Would like you to attend a great party with Chris in person on May 5th. Let us know how to reach you please.
    We need an email address for you!
    thanks so much!

    Best regards,
    Mary Hall Ross

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