Agate is Forever…..

Some folks say diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  I would slightly tweak that saying to read agate is a designer’s best friend.  This versatile stone is one of my favorite go to pieces.  It conveys luxury, modernity, nature and fun all at once.  You can find it in a variety of forms from geodes to some of these more slick fabrications…..

Clockwise: Agate Stacking Boxes// Matthew Studios Agate Table// Emporium Home Eclipse Agate Chandelier

Clockwise: Oly Studio Yves Side Table//Brenda Houston Agate Wood Root Table//Vivre Agate Napkin Rings

For myself, the Vivre Napkin Rings may find a home very soon.  However, the chandelier from Emporium Home is begging to be used in a client installation.  Imagine it over a  round wood dining table with Louis-style chairs, cream linen walls and barely there pink high-gloss ceiling.


That was me passing out from sensory overload from that mental image…..

So is agate “rockin” your world as of late?  If not, what natural elements are finding their way into your home?

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One thought on “Agate is Forever…..

  1. Agate is rockin’ my world these days! I would love to have ANY of these super slick items you’ve pictured!!! I found some great napkin rings a while back, and I’m really looking forward to using them somtime soon. I had to Google the pronunciation because I have heard it pronounced a couple of different ways. It rhymes with (Bob) Saget. That’s how I remember because I really liked the show “Full House”!!! 🙂

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