Hang Time……

I have a bad habit of buying art and never hanging it.  At the moment, under the guest bed there are no fewer than 6 paintings waiting to be framed and hung.  As we all know framing is an expensive endeavor and I somehow can never pull the trigger especially in the light that most of the paintings I have are under $100 from auctions and flea markets.

So the pictures sit in “art purgatory” until I either use them in a client’s home (which has happened twice now) or I gift one to a friend for a special occasion.  I was afraid that the paintings I picked up at the last auction were going to suffer the same fate so I grabbed the bull by the horns.  I decided that switch out the small gallery of framed fabric remnants in the music room   for the large “Modern Family” piece I picked up earlier this  month at the auction.

I am quite smitten with the change and think the painting is the perfect piece for the room.  The colors are spot on and I love the quirky subjects – it was destined to be …or at least that is how I think of it.

One painting hung and about 15 to go…….

So tell me, what do you keep buying and not using?  Jeans?  Dishes?  Small tropical islands?  Shoot me a comment or a tweet and let me know!  Okay back to homework……

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4 thoughts on “Hang Time……

  1. I may have a small problem with serving/baking dishes
    . Ok, I do.
    I even bought a hutch, primed it and painted it black and now all my vintage Pyrex pieces have a new home.
    So, to me, your paintings are pretty much allowed.

  2. Beautiful room, Courtney! I love the painted framing around the painting and 2-toned blue paint on the wall! Very nice!!!!!!!!! I pretty much use everything I buy these days. Money is super, super, super tight, so I have to only buy those things I know I’m going to use sometime in the not-too-distant future. Ticks me off!

  3. Perfect spot for that painting!

    Lately I’ve been buying craft supplies. Someday I’ll get to use them! I just have to catch up on my paying job first.

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