Leather Sofas…..

Hello, my name is Courtney and I have a thing for leather…..

Okay let me clarify before your imaginations run wild.  I think leather in home furnishings can do no wrong if done correctly.  Leather is a masculine, sensual and tactile element that when added to a room can elevate the overall design.  Leather provides a beautiful natural element to a room and can wonderfully counterbalance or cut any sweetness may be exuding in a room that is leaning towards feminine.  However, leather done badly can make a room feel dark and what I call “hunting lodge lawyer chic”.  If you have no idea what that means just imagine overstuffed Chesterfield sofas and large recliners – not necessarily the stuff that modern design is made of.

At the moment, I am working with a great couple who recently purchased a second floor condo in a converted Victorian.  The space has some original elements but those features are distinctly feminine (curved doorways, stained glass windows and an oddly sapphic fireplace) so we are looking for ways to masculinize the long and narrow apartment.  I suggested incorporating a leather sofa into the living room design and got the design equivalent of the “middle finger” from the clients until I showed them this picture…..

This sofa from The New Traditionalist is everything that a leather sofa shouldn’t be – sexy, streamlined and cool.  This is not your bachelor pad leather sectional – this is a cross-hatched, wood encased leather sofa that exudes class and charm.  It is the sofa equivalent of dating a New York socialite.  BUT (isn’t there always a but?) it is still a tad too feminine for the space if we are looking to inject a bit of testosterone.  Fortunately, I have some other options …..

The leather and wood sofa from Red Modern Furniture is streamlined and sleek but may be too small to hold the space while the Morgan Sofa from Monarch Sofas may be too visually heavy to work in the living room since it lacks legs.  As I mentioned, the space is long a narrow, so the we need something that will anchor the room but won’t visually weigh it down.

So this leads me to an option that I think may be the best all around option….

The Spruce Sofa from Horchow is unapologetically masculine with its mix of black leather and grey plaid.  The legs on the piece, while chunky, lift the sofa off the floor allowing the eye to travel under it make it less of a visual blockade than some of the other options.  The added bonus is that the client’s cats will probably leave the leather alone – another added bonus.  I imagine this piece mixed with 2 low bucket chairs in a shocking shade like baby blue or magenta, light grey grasscloth on the walls, a beautiful wood and glass coffee table and a Persian rug. It’s a masculine and updated twist on traditional that I think my clients would dig.

So what are your thoughts on leather sofas?  Are they something you own?  Something you secretly (or vocally loathe)?  Or that one piece your family can’t live without?  As for myself, I am surprised at how far leather sofas have come since my youth!

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3 thoughts on “Leather Sofas…..

  1. I’m usually not a fan of leather sofas because in New England we get cold winters and hot, humid summers….which means you either get chilly bum when you first sit down, or you stick to it….

    That first sofa is very interesting….I love the faux wood pattern on the sides…think I would have liked the sofa better if it had been a “tufted” look instead of all those criss-cross lines…

    I am a fan of the leather combined with unpholstery, the best of both worlds…I like your choice!

  2. I love, love, love the leather!!! Each of the sofas represented here…oo la la! I would even like something like the 1st one in my dressing room! Maybe with a little more femininity to it, but the idea of white leather in there is quite appealing. The Spruce Sofa would look great just about anywhere!!! We have a lot of leather in the living spaces of the house including the library and lower level. It’s much easier care than fabric which is important when you have apparently married Joe Blfsplk. (Google him!)

  3. I think leather can be beautiful, but I don’t like the way leather plays with the temperature. My bum like to be warm and cozy at all times. The Spruce Sofa is fabulous though! I love the leather with the subtle plaid. Looks comfy too!

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