When Texture is Pattern….

This weekend I was meeting with clients who were convinced that they needed to add yet one more pattern to their overall design.  The design currently has 7 different patterns within a fairly tight space – they all work harmoniously together and carry the room’s color scheme throughout the space.  Another pattern, I felt would have unbalanced that wonderful flow and forced us to reconsider several other pieces in the space.  I find that using multiple patterns in a room is act in balance and harmony – disturb something in one corner of the room and things are thrown askew on the other side.

Finally after a few rounds of conversations we agreed upon a beautiful velvet.  It’s rich, textural and  has a beautiful sheen.  When I showed the clients the velvet as part of the overall mix in the room, they were surprised how much the velvet reads like a print when added into the space.  For many clients I think they forget that every fabric, even plain ones, have a distinct weave which can add a nice albeit subtle pattern to a space.  Case in point……

This beautiful room by designer Katie Rosenfeld is proof that texture and sheen can be just as powerful as pattern.  The room reads as if it has pattern thanks to the grasscloth on the walls, linen on the chairs, the fur throw and sisal rug.  Now add in a true pattern with the throw pillows and you have a room that is full of “pattern” but only really has one true print in the space.

I think everyone won this time around…..my clients got pattern and I got the quiet  statement piece the space needed.    So how do you incorporate texture into your space?

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