Spring Fever……

As soon as the first flowers  of Spring appear, I get antsy.  Some people spring clean.  Other’s garden.  For me, I shop.  All winter, I have satisfied myself with my “uniform” of dark washed jeans,  black cardigans cardigans and demure button down shirts.

Now I am craving change.  I am craving something new.  I am craving yellow jeans….

In my head these jeans from Bonobos will be the cornerstone of my Spring/Summer wardrobe.  Pair them with a navy cardigan, white tee and white Chuck Taylors for a low-key and laid back approach.  Or throw on a denim jacket, flip flops and a striped tee for a weekend trip.

Personally, I am am going to be pairing them with a crisp white poplin shirt, purple wing tips and the most awesome sweater vest from Rag and Bone to have ever existed.  I just have to wait until my size comes back in stock and then it’s on!

So while I wait to become the human embodiment of a Crayola crayon, what singular item are you craving for your Spring/Summer wardrobe?

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6 thoughts on “Spring Fever……

  1. You can pull this off…no problem. I’m just looking for anything that will hide my “bakery” body (muffin top back, jelly roll stomach)!!! Something in a basic black muumuu will do, I think! 🙂

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