Solid As a Rock……

I make no qualms about loving some pretty random things including:

1) Strawberry Nestle Quik

2)  70s music (Ashford and Simpson rock and ergo the title of this post…)

3) Things made from concrete

The first two aside, I have as of late had this obsession with all things made of concrete.  Maybe it is the juxtaposition between the rough nature of the material and the finished product.  Maybe it’s the fact that while industrial, the material is incredibly delicate and fragile.  Or maybe I just like big heavy grey stuff, but regardless of the reasons, I can’t get enough of it.

I know it is hard to imagine incorporating something usually used for retaining walls into your home.  But I find that concrete or any other industrial material can be used to great success when it is juxtaposed against a more organic material, like wood, as in the case of this coffee table by Jeremy Kaplan….

What would be just a cold, barren box gets indued with life and warmth thanks to the wood insert.  Here are a few other concrete homewares that have my blood pumping at the moment……

Of note, the furniture pieces from the design duo of Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen have me insane in the membrane.  Their line of cast concrete furniture has a tactile quality that reminds me of the blow-up pool furniture of my youth.  I can totally see these pieces on a modern patio or nestled in traditional garden for a splash of whimsy.

However, the one concrete piece that I will be working with personally is this great lamp from retailer Clayton Gray…..

This lamp combines two of my current obsessions – concrete and brass  – in what I think is a blissful design marriage.  The combination the warm brass and the porous concrete creates design magic in my book.  Plus the lamp has a realistic price point of $340, which while not cheap is not a deal breaker when one is looking to add a dose of industrial style to a room.

So tell me, is concrete too cold and industrial for the way you live?  Or do you think you could see it in your hearts to give this industrial material a try in your home?  As you ponder, I need I am going to go make myself a glass of Strawberry Quik and pull out my VHS tapes of Solid Gold ….. I told you I love me some 70s music!

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4 thoughts on “Solid As a Rock……

  1. What do you know about 70s music??? You’re much too young!!! I was a pre-teen/teen/adult in the 70s (12 in 1970 and 21 – legal drinking age! – in ’79), so that is the music I associate with most closely. I was a “Dancing Queen” in the discos and loved the more mellow stuff, too, from artists like Dan Fogelberg, Boston, Billy Joel (still goin’ strong…sort of if he can sober up long enough to get through a show), Eric Carmen, Barry Manilow (yes, I was and still AM a Fanilow!!!), Earth Wind & Fire, The Commodores…the list goes on and on. I think 70s music comprises about 65% of the 1851 songs on my Ipod. But you…you’re so young!!! Anyhoooo…….although I don’t have a contemporary home, I still can appreciate modern, sleek styling like the pieces shown here. I love that coffee table and the lamp. I’d gladly use either of those. The chair is a little weird for me, but there’s something about it I can’t resist. Maybe because it just looks like something fun and outer spacey wild! As for strawberry Nestle’s Quik, I KNEW there had to be someone other than me out there who loves it! I drink that stuff like it’s going out of style! Hmmm….we both like 70s music and Strawberry Nestle’s Quik. We must have been separated at birth…by about 20 years!!! 🙂 Have a great week, Courtney!

  2. my neighbor in FL had a genius decorating moment when he grabbed a piece of concrete with a gnarled, embedded rebar stuck in it. It was like a small sculpture, and it was completely free! He put it on a sofa table in his hall way and I used to plot an excuse to drop by and steal it.

    Next time you walk by a construction site, you never know what trash can become your treasure!

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