Z Gallerie Gift Card Winner & Shot of Yellow……

So first things first, give a big ol’ congrats to the winner of the Z Gallerie Gift Card Give Away…..

Congratulations to Amy of the blog Eat. Sleep. Decorate.   Amy check your email for a message from me on next steps.  And to those of you who didn’t win, there are other give aways planned this Spring, so keep reading, commenting and being in general awesome people and your time for some free swag will come!

But do you know what it is time for?  Sunshine.  Honestly, the Bay Area has been cold, rainy and just plain dreary.  It’s like being in Seattle but without the good coffee or the abundance of plaid.  For myself, I am currently craving something yellow – that happy and bright hue that dares you not to smile when you see it.  And to satisfy my inner nerd, did you know that yellow has been shown to stimulate thinking and analysis?  A shot of yellow in an office may be the  perfect thing to counteract your afternoon slump.  So rather than grabbing a mocha around 3pm, grab a yellow highlighter and a yellow sticky pad and run around your office.  True that your co-workers will probably report you to HR as having flipped your wig, but on the positive side, you will have kicked your caffeine  habit!  Now with all that extra cash from not buying coffee, take a gander at all the ways you can blow your wad on something yellow …….

Okay I am feeling better.  But if you are still craving more color, check out my Pinterest boards on Yellow and Bold Color.  And while, you are at it check me out on Facebook as well as Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Z Gallerie Gift Card Winner & Shot of Yellow……

  1. Congratulations to Amy! Have fun shopping! As for the yellow, LOVE IT!!! I am a big fan of yellow in varying hues. I’m delighting in the fact that all my daffodils are up now. I’m having a dinner party here next week and plan to use them liberally throughout the house. We are actually expecting a record high of 82+ degrees today with lots of sunshine, so I’ll huff and puff and try to blow some of it your way! 🙂

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