Guest Vignette: Yellow Brick Home

Delirium has officially set in thanks to two really exciting opportunities that have literally fallen into my lap.  Once the ink  has dried, I am stoked to be able to share the news with you!  But you know what else I am happy to share with you all — the newest post my Guest Vignette series.  I don’t know but somehow I convinced one of my favorite blogging couples, Kim & Scott, the adorable, quirky and pretty awesome peeps behind the blog Yellow Brick House to participate.  In case you forgot, the Guest Vignette series is  where I ask fellow bloggers to share a vignette in their home and explain why it is meaningful.

So lets see what inspires Kim & Scott…..

The workday slump hits me around two every day. I realize this is common for most people, and while I generally crave a coffee at this point, more often than not, this is the time I begin daydreaming of our couch. I daydream of our pillows, our soft, shaggy rug and our pup, Jack, by our side.

I chose this snippet of our living room because it’s by far my favorite place in our home. At the end of a long day – well after dinner’s been made, conversation has been had and the dishes have been cleared – Scott and I gravitate to our couch, and we just be. It’s where we unwind, sip hot tea (or, hey, vodka) and – when energy allows – talk about the upcoming week, our summer plans (in Chicago, it’s never too early to wish for warmth) and oh, look at that cute thing Jack’s doing! On the surface, we’re surrounded by hand-picked items that we love: a photograph of my grandparents, a round table for gatherings and a lamp, an elephant and a crate full of nubby throws. But on that couch, we’re together. And at the risk of sounding like a complete sap, that’s my favorite thing, really.

Thank you Kim and Scott!  I think everyone needs to have a space in their home to just “be”.  Whether that space is your bedroom, your den, or a corner of your living room as the case with Kim and Scott, I think it’s crucial to have that comforting and inviting space.  So tell me, what space in your house is your “chill and recharge” spot?

Well I am back to the Hawthorne project today to go through electrical inspection and supervise the painting.  However, we are in the home stretch — a few more things to buy but the big stuff will be done by Friday, the clients move in on Saturday and it is just then the process of waiting for everything to arrive.

Speaking of waiting – what are YOU waiting on?  Why haven’t you entered my Hump Day Give Away to win a $50 gift card from ZGallerie?  It’s quick and easy, so jump on it!  And don’t forget check me out on Facebook and Pinterest as well as Twitter.


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