Hump Day Give Away: $50 Gift Card from Z Gallerie…..

Yesterday was rough……

Weighed down with a cold and a rattling cough that sounds remarkably close to a basset hound barking, I spent the day chasing electricians to get my permits in order for the Hawthorne Street project as well as hounding trades to send me their certificates of insurance.  What is a certificate of insurance you ask?  Well it is a little form that indicates that your vendor is insured say should their work cause a fire and burn down a building.  Most condo associations (HOAs) want to have them on file for every vendor that walks through their doors including delivery companies.  Do you know how much stuff I am having delivered by various vendors, all of which who use a different delivery company?  I have literally spent what feels like a year of my life on the phone and email asking for these valuable nuggets.  At this point, I hate my cold and I hate my client’s HOA (and funny enough, the client dislikes them too).

However, you know who I don’t hate?  YOU!  That is right because I am in love with y’all (platonically in the way you can love people who you have never met).  I love you beautiful readers so much that I am giving away a $50 gift card to Z Gallerie.  In case you were wondering, no this isn’t a sponsored give away…I am just feeling nice and want to do something for all you awesome readers.  I felt inspired by Z Gallerie’s Spring offerings and after yesterday’s post, thought it was the perfect pre-Spring gift.

So here is the deal-o to enter…..

You MUST be a subscriber to the blog.  To subscribe, click on the button in the upper right corner.

AND you need to do the following:

1) You MUST leave a comment describing what you would spend the gift card on (because I am nosy)……

For an additional entry, you can do ONE of the following:

2) Follow me on Twitter

3) Follow me on Pintrest

4) Become a fan on Facebook

5) If you happen to be a “super fan” and already do 2-4,  then tweet out this post link for your second way to enter.

So you have up to two chances to enter and win!  Contest ends March 12, midnight PST.

So what are you waiting for?  Start leaving comments and the whatnot!  And remember, who loves you baby…..

Contest Notes:

– Each person is allowed a maximum of two entries.  Any entries over the allotted amount will be disqualified.

– Entries without a valid email address will be disqualified.

– Entries posted after March 12, midnight are ineligible for the drawing.

– This contest is not affiliated with Z Gallerie or its affiliates.  I have not been paid or am I receiving compensation to run this give away from Z Gallerie or any parties affiliated with the company.

36 thoughts on “Hump Day Give Away: $50 Gift Card from Z Gallerie…..

  1. We are about to move from Boston to Virginia! We are thrilled to finally have enough room for a king size bed! I would purchase new bedding! Thank you!

  2. I would use it to go towards the black Angelique mirror – am re-doing my powder room and it would look terrific there!

  3. Exciting! Courtney you really are an angel. I think I would invest in the Artesia decanter and the aluminum octopus. Because really, who can choose just ONE thing from Z Gallerie?

    casey [dot] rolfe [at] aol [dot] com

  4. Well aren’t you just the perfect fairy godmother on this wednesday morning!!! Great giveaway! I’ve got my eye on some dishes, and I love that chunk of driftwood they’ve got right now too. Thanks, C!! And I hope you feel better soon, love!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog & now found you on FB. Would love to win that Z Galleria gift card. My dining room walls are bare, just finished our hardwoods ( by ourselves) and a white deer head would look fab on my wall in there!

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog. Whoo. I have been eyeing a lg white deer head it would look fab in my dining area!

  7. Would love to have the Z Gallerie gift card to purchase the orange Kamal placemat and napkins, or the sunburst napkin rings. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  8. I agree with Cassie, you are most definitely fairy godmother-like, especially when your week is going so crappy!!! Colds are pretty much of the devil (I feel your pain ’cause I’ve got one, too!) but I’m pretty sure the geo bedding would completely make me feel better! (c: Thanks for the giveaway and speedy recovery! (and down with the evil HOAs (c:)

  9. Hi Courtney!!!

    If I were to win the zgallerie gift card I would spend it on dinnerware for my new house. My husband and I eloped in September and it was awesome, but we didnt get any presents! 🙂 Specifically the Luxe or Madera set! They both are really bold, but I have an amazing tablescape planned!

    I already follow you in pinterest, so that’s my two entries!


  10. I was just in Z Gallerie this past weekend. Their pillows are amazing! If I won the gift certificate, I would get some pillows to freshen up my family room. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  11. I’ve been in the market for an upholstered headboard so a $50 gift card would put a small dent in that purchase. Or maybe new pillows for sofa to brighten it up for spring.

  12. These are a few of my favorite things….the Turtle Tray to display my seashells this summer, the White Ceramic Octopus and the Rectangular mirrored Mirage Tray….

  13. I was just at Z Gallerie this afternoon! I tell you…that place is like a wonderland to me!!! I stayed in there just browsing for the better part of an hour-and-a-half!!! I am taking my “Art of Tablescaping” class there for a field trip next Thursday. Many of my students had never even heard of it, so this will be a great opportunity for them to discover my version of Mecca! 🙂 So…if I won, I suppose I would either get one of those huge yellow lacquered vases ($49.95) OR another of the capiz vases OR a couple of those cool seahorses OR one of those agean vases (SO cool!!!), OR a few of what they call “lithe” vases in aubergine. LOTS on my wish list!!!

  14. Hey Courtney,
    I love, love, love ZGallerie, so I am super pumped about this giveaway. I already subscribe and follow you on Pinterest, so I guess that is a double bonus! I would have a tough time choosing what to get, but I think it would be the Winslow Stool in Ivory. Thanks for the chance 😉

  15. i was going to start following after i found you because of a search I had done on stencils and up you popped, but this just makes it sweeter. and i’m asking, is this give-away the cold med talking or are you just a sweetie?!

  16. You are one generous cat!

    I follow your blog and twitter. I can’t decide between the Toucan (reminds me of my travels), the Octopus (love the ocean), the globes (love traveling), or the apothecary jars (don’t have any!).

    Thank you for the chance!

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  18. If I won, I’d put the gift card towards some artwork or the black and white Geo table linens for the new place my husband and I will be moving in to within thhe coming months! I follow you on Pinterest and have repinned a lot ideas to possibly use for our new house!

  19. Hi Courtney: Loved your thoughts regarding your giveaways! I have a Z Gallerie close to me and I’m in & out of there at least once/month with my secret wish list (which varies from month to month). I love their fun, offbeat, unpredictable accessories, so that is what I would use the gift card for. Love your work, your blog and mostly your wit and character!

  20. Thanks, Courtney, you’re so sweet. There is much I want to shove into my cart at Z. Gallerie, especially the Geo drape panels in steel -SO gorgeous!! But…I would probably take my BFF shopping with the card. She has been trying to spruce up her apartment…and she just lost her job. 😦 I could send a pic of her & her new prize! Her loving on her gift would feel so much better (okay, a little bit better) than waking up to those curtains everyday. (I’d subscribe to you any day..and I do. 🙂 )

  21. What a way to be welcomed to your blog. Should I win, I would definitely use the gift card toward the purchase of a set of the Geo panels. But regardless, I am here to stay…..Love your blog!!

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