Head Over Heels About Headboards……

Last week, I felt like I was a superstar between client visits, a trip to LA and my super support team of family and friends, I was riding moon beams and giving high fives to angels.  Somewhere around Sunday that all came to a screeching halt.  Evidently giving high fives to angels is the perfect way to contract a cold.  I am coughy, tired, sore and cranky….. I seriously could punch a baby rabbit in the face.  That is how drained and icky I feel.  All I want to do is lie in bed and wait for the Grime Reaper.  Sadly, there is no rest for the weary or sick in this house, so I dragged my butt outta bed and got to work.

While my body may have been physically running about pulling fabric swatches and measuring chairs, my head was firmly on my “mental pillow” trying to catch a few extra moments of rest.  However, even in the depths of sickness, I dream about design, in particular, headboards.  If you are like me, when you are sick, all you want is your bed so it seems a bit obvious that while I was guzzling Theraflu like it was Two Buck Chuck, that I should hallucinate/daydream about headboards.

For myself, I find that sourcing custom headboards can be a bit stressful.  You have to buy the fabric, find a workroom to build the frame and if you are truly unlucky (as it typically my case) you will need to find a third vendor to actually upholster the darn thing.  (Sidenote, it was a rookie mistake on my part to have 3 vendors work on once piece – that will never happen again!) .  Fortunately, one of my favorite go to stores, Z Gallerie, has recently launched its headboard program saving me from being a head case!

Z Gallerie’s headboards start at $449.00, come in sizes up to California King.  To make life easier on y’all, Z Gallerie has made their custom headboards in seven different styles but here are my favorite four:

The (1) Juliet  is a simple, curved silhouette brushed with  silver nail heads while the (2) Grace is a dramatically arched headboard.  The (3) Kate  is a sassy, classic headboard with double hand applied nail-head trim and finally the (4) Francesca is  a regal, elegant with a timeless arch cut.

While I lean towards a class silhouette, I love myself so bold fabric so I was stoked to hear that Z Gallerie is offering the headboards in over 17  different upholstered fabrics.  That’s all fine and dandy but how often have you found yourself bored with their textiles that stores give you to cover your furniture with.  I understand that microsuede is a great thing but I would rather have a dinner date with Rush Limbaugh and discuss contraception, then put it on my couch.  Thank goodness Z Gallerie is offering a variety of patterned fabrics include the Kenya Zebra Stripe (as seen on the Francesca headboard above).  On the flip side, they are not offering COM (customer’s own fabric) as an option right now which pains me but it’s a start. 

So as I drag myself to bed tonight, I can dream of happy thoughts about being head over heels about a new headboard for a client.  Okay, I think I may have overdosed on the Theraflu as I just tried to turn on my TV with my iPhone.   With that said, what type of headboard do you love?  High and tight?  Low and tufted?  Modern and wood?  Shoot me  a comment and let me know.  And also be sure to check back tomorrow as I am hosting a give away…Yay for Hump Day Give Aways!

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6 thoughts on “Head Over Heels About Headboards……

  1. I’m so sorry you are feeling sick these days! You gotta watch those angels…they carry germs that are “outta this world”!!! 😉 “Kate” and “Grace” are both my style. I like the others, too, but would have nowhere to put them in this traditionally-styled home. I love Z Gallerie (would marry it if that was legal!!!), and I know I’m always getting something really great when I go there. I hope you feel better soon. Maybe if you ditch the Theraflu and actually start chugging the Two Buck Chuck? 🙂

  2. Uncanny! I seriously was just laying in bed this morning thinking about headboards and where I might find a fabulous upholstered one that I don’t have to take a loan out to buy. Thanks for the tip, Courtney!

  3. I love an oversized headboard. It’s crazy that you bring this up because I was debating doing my own (there’s a vendor that Camilla found that produces the blanks in tons of shapes, all you have to do is upholster yourself) OR just buy retail. I found a great microfiber, nailhead headboard on overstock for about $250 for a queen. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger.

    feel better soon!! keep up the fluids (no, wine does not count)

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