Closet Door Question……

This weekend wasn’t the relaxing break I had anticipated. It was a full-on design assault from pitching a new client, searching for new trades, sourcing lighting and buying furniture, it was non-stop. Fortunately, I carved out some time to celebrate a friend’s birthday with an early brunch on Sunday before heading to the city to meet with my Hawthorne Lane clients to finalize light fixtures.

During our brunch, the topic of closet doors came up and exactly what should one be doing with them which I thought was an excellent question. I often find doors to be an overlooked design element in a room. Since most of us inherit the doors in our homes and rentals from the previous owners, it is rare that we have direct say in their design aside from the hardware. Speaking of hardware, I think it is a GREAT place to start if you are looking to jazz up your door. Right now I am loving these door “knobs”….

The room is by designer Gemma Ahren via Design*Sponge and I am utterly in love with the overscale closet door hardware. Gemma used MDF cut to size and painted a bright hue to achieve the look. The possibilities are endless with this scenario…..cover the handles with veneer for a more natural effect. Or spray paint them metallic for the beautiful and bold look of metal sans the costs. Or if you want to go whole hog, why not take the savings you got from using MDF and put it towards having the handles upholstered in a leather or some other durable material?

After I explained all of this to my friend, she promptly told me (1) I was crazy, (2) I was a genius and (3) I had spinach in my teeth. Leave it to your friends to make sure you keep it real…..

So tell me, do you hate your closet doors and have you ever tried something to spruce them up? Even better, if you have a link to it on your blog or web sire, leave it in the comments section!

This week appears to be no less hectic than the past 7 days, so I am going to grab a hearty breakfast and kick my day off right! Laters.

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4 thoughts on “Closet Door Question……

  1. That door hardware is fantastic!!!!! I would love to have that in my home!!! Good to have friends who “keep it real.” Have a great week, Courtney, and I hope you find 30 minutes all to yourself to take a breather!

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