Loving Out Loud: PCHseries by MASHstudio

You all are getting a double dose of my loving this week thanks to the various projects I am working on for clients.  I was out doing some scouting for a credenza for the Hawthorne Lane project when I ran across the PCHseries by MASHstudio.  According to their web site, the series is named for California’s Pacific Coast Highway.  The  series if made from subdued tones of solid teak and fitted with cast aluminum accents resembling perfectly rugged wood.

When I saw the buffet, I instantly pitched it to the clients because I was in love with the piece’s clean lines but the sense of fun that also comes along with it thanks to the aluminum  cast door.  What I also loved about the pieces were the blade-like legs — it makes what could be a visually heavy piece float.  And that is a feat considering that in person, the buffet is HEAVY.  Like heavy to the point that I feel sorry for the movers who would have to lift it.

Fortunately for the movers, my clients opted not to get the piece.  However, rest assured I will be trying to work it into another design because I think it is stunning.

So tell me, does the thought of mixing metal and wood on your furniture makes you excited or have you running for the hills?

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3 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: PCHseries by MASHstudio

  1. The thought of mixing metal & wood doesn’t freak me out, but that one metal door makes the piece look mismatched in my opinion. I’m not even a matchy type person, but that would probably bother me.

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