Valentine Day Table: Animal Magnetism…….

Love is in the air.  And smog, but that is a rant for another day……

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this year I am feeling feisty – like a 90-year-old woman who has just got a new pair of support hose, a sparkly pair of orthopedic shoes and a free bus pass to Atlantic City.  Yes, indeed, Poppa Bear was on the prowl and my creative juices are bubbling.  So I created an imaginary client who was just as saucy as  I was feeling.  Let me introduce you to Maggie, a 55-year divorced mother of 2 teenagers.  She has a full and happy life that keeps her busy.  Between her work as a real estate agent, the boys and her boyfriend of 10 years, Scott, she barely has any time to do anything but eat and sleep.  However, the one day she holds sacred is Valentine Day.  She thinks it may be backlash from the fact that her ex-husband all but ignored the holiday while they were married.  No flowers, no fancy dinners, not even a freakin’ balloon and a stuffed animal.  Since dating Scott, she has made sure that they celebrate the holiday in a special way every year.

This year, she wanted to do something intimate at home for her and Scott.  The boys are at their Dad’s house, so it’s just them.  So she hired a personal chef to cook them dinner and me to create a tablescape that reflected her wants of a setting that was romantic, playful and a bit naughty.  Maggie really wanted the evening to be about showing Scott that she is attracted to him as much as when they met over a decade ago.

Hearing Maggie’s request, I asked her to tell me how she met Scott.  She went on to explain that she actually stalked Scott for several weeks through mutual friends until she had the right opportunity and then pounced on him.  The words “stalked” and “pounced” instantly got me thinking feline.  From there, I just ran with the notion of mixing animal prints; cheetah, leopard and faux snake skin in an unexpected color scheme of peacock, silver, and baby blue with a healthy dose of white to balance everything out.  A low centerpiece of hot pink roses along with purple & white tulips adds in a touch of romance as do the rose petals strewn about the table.   It’s an unexpected Valentine Day palette but I think it reflects the animal magnetism that introduced Scott and Maggie but also the romance that keeps them together.

So what do you think?  Does this design light your fire or put a dampen on your groove?  Tomorrow, I will break down the table and explain how I made the super easy octagon cheetah placemats.

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17 thoughts on “Valentine Day Table: Animal Magnetism…….

  1. But what will her boyfriend of 10 years Scott say when she is doing all these preparations for Ken?! 😉

    Looks amazing and I can really picture the client though.

  2. OK, Maggie’s first problem is that she waited until she was dang near middle-aged to start having children! 55 with 2 teenagers??!?!! And you never said how old Scott is, but with the animal print I would have to guess that he’s quite a bit younger which makes her a cougar!!! Cheetah, leopard, cougar…it’s all the same! 🙂 Beautiful color, pattern and texture combinations, Courtney! I especially love the “Me” and “You” petals in the vanity boxes! Gorgeous centerpiece floral, too!!!!!!!! All so very chic! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! 🙂

  3. So pretty….this would be a nice place to land for a valentine’s brunch after waking up late!!!

    I collect milk glass but have never seen the bluish color glasses you have here, where can we find those?

    • Michelle – the stemware is milk glass but Vallerysthal – a French version of milk glass. It was produced around the 1900s as an French answer to American milk glass. Unlike many American milk glass products that are pressed and have visible seams, Vallerysthal was formed which means it has no seams. Aside from that are the colors that were produced, which ranged from white to green with the blue being my favorite. I found these on eBay.

  4. Love! Love! Love! Ok, Courtney, you really are the king of dishes. You must “dish” (pardon the awful pun), where/how on earth do you store all your dishes? I mean, I have a walk in butler’s pantry and I don’t have as much variety as you :-)…but I aspire (just don’t tell my hubby). Do you keep full sets of everything or do you only have two-sies of some? I think my downfall is I tend to have full sets (8-12…we have lots of guests) of everything. As a side note, I’m just putting together my Easter table and I have table runners I found at HomeGoods that I think are the same awesome paisley as your table. Great minds think alike! 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your great tables!

  5. Love every stinkin’ bit of this table!! Since I am “about” the same age as Maggie and my Mr. B is 12 yrs younger than I am, I see the cougarish playfulness of this table and love it!

  6. As usual Courtney, WOW!!! It is so very inviting and thoughtful.
    He will probably fall in love with her all over again.Great job.

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