Guess Who Is Going To The Design Bloggers Conference……

Yuppers – that would be me.

At the end of this month, I am packing my bags and heading down to sunny Los Angeles for two days of amazing information, networking and design blog “celebrity” stalking.  In other words, I will be getting my “design geek” on and loving every minute of it.

So I know what you are thinking, “Big deal.  Courtney is going to a conference.  Exactly why is this blog worthy?”  And to that I say, me going to a conference really isn’t.  But what is blog worthy is that I was selected as one of 5 recipients of the Design Bloggers Conference Scholarship sponsored by One Kings Lane.  Evidently, the kind folks at One Kings Lane and DCB found my application appealing enough to give me funds to cover my registration fee.  In addition, I get to write a post for the DCB blog and some other on-site wonderfulness from One Kings Lane that has yet to announced.

Seriously folks, I am on Cloud Nine.  Attending the Design Bloggers Conference was on my Goal List for 2012 and now I am going …..for free!  When I found out I won the scholarship, I actually let out a “whoop”.  Did I mention, I was in the middle of class when this “whoop”  happened?  Right now my teacher thinks I get easily excited over the idea of grayscale, while exciting wouldn’t normally entice an audible yell from me.

Once I found out the news, I spent the rest of my time in class daydreaming about the conference.  I can just see myself now having dinner with Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, regaling Bunny Williams with witty stories and trading  trade secrets with Tobi Farley.  Later on, Brian Patrick Flynn and I would have late night drinks at the bar where Kelley Moore would swing by  to join for a late night-cap with her “boys”.

Yeah right.

I would be happy to stand in Bunny Williams shadow or fetch a drink for any of the above designers but a boy can dream right?  And you know what, it was dreaming big that pushed me to put in my application for the scholarship, so who knows, maybe I will be rubbing elbows with design’s elites at the conference.  Regardless,  I feel truly honored and a bit overwhelmed by all the good fortune that has befallen me.

I am starting to sound like a broken record but I am so thankful and extremely blessed for all this good fortune.  Just know that if you believe it and put the effort in, anything is possible.

Now if you excuse me, I am being rude to all the folks I am having imaginary drinks with now in my head………

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10 thoughts on “Guess Who Is Going To The Design Bloggers Conference……

  1. Courtney, if you decorate as well as you write your future is sure to be bright!!
    I look forward to seeing your blog every day and wish I had the financial means to fly you here to Israel to decorate my apartment.
    Keep smiling,

  2. Hi Courtney,

    What a great blog. You are a very nifty “diy” design expert. I wanted to introduce myself as one of the other winners of the One King’s Lane scholarship. Can’t wait to meet you at the conference, we should find the other 3 winners, form a little posse and get that dinner reservation with MLB!

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