I Pity the Fools Who Aren’t Reading These……

On this Friday, I am busting out my best Mr. T impersonation to tell y’all that the newest issue of House of Fifty is out and this issue is a fantastic read…..

I love where the Founding Editor, Janell is taking the magazine and how she is producing an approachable yet beautiful publication. Hey Janell, if you are reading, how about showing Courtney Out Loud a little House of Fifty love!

Speaking of love, have you seen Kim Myles new blog? I am loving that girlfriend now has a blog design that is just as much fun and exciting as I assume her to be….

Kim is a bit of an inspiration to me as she found design a little later in her career and the success it brought but from reading her blog, has found a way to balance her work with her life. If you have ever tried to design someone else’s living space, fitting in time for your own life is a difficult task, so I applaud her ability to balance. And I also like her hair……shallow but I have liked people for less, so throw me a bone.

But in a chance encounter of pure serendipity on your part, if you read House of Fifty, you will also get to read Kim’s monthly column, Heart of Design where she discusses a variety of different design dilemmas but from what I consider to be a refreshing stance.

So kudos to House of Fifty and Kim Myles on this last Friday of January. And to those of you who I have not convinced to swing by check them out, (in my best Mr. T voice) – SUCKA I PITY THE FOOL YOU AIN’T READIN’ HOUSE OF FIFTY OR KIM MYLES.

Okay I am off to shop for flowers for a Mad Men inspired party I am helping a client throw on Saturday. Have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “I Pity the Fools Who Aren’t Reading These……

  1. Courtney, thank you for sharing the new issue of HOF with your readers today! AND Kim, gotta love her and her new site, she is so much fun to work with!

    Have a great weekend, Janell

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