Artist Snapshot: Thomas Wold

Part of the fun of doing interior design is being able to work with artisans you admire.  I was introduced to Thomas Wold by a mutual friend and was instantly smitten with his whimsical yet meticulous approach to wood crafting and cabinetry.  By combining reclaimed with new materials, Thomas creates one of a kind furniture pieces that spur the imagination and often double as sculpture in a room……

I am super excited to work with Thomas on creating a television console for the mid-century modern project I am working on in the Oakland Hills.  The piece promises to be a true show-stopper and I can’t wait to show you guys the final design when completed.

So if money was no object, what custom piece of furniture would you have made for your home?  For me, it would definitely be custom nightstands to fit our wonky shaped attic master suite.  Leave me a comment and tell me yours…..

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4 thoughts on “Artist Snapshot: Thomas Wold

  1. I am really starting to enjoy the mid-century vibe. Very cool. I was watching the Incredibles with my 3 year old the other night – that whole movie has the mid-century vibe – check it out if you haven’t I know it’s a cartoon – but trust me 🙂

    I just built my dream home. Craftsman style. As with so many things, compromise was a part of the package, er budget. A true craftsman this is not since we’ve not one single built in piece in the house. That being said, I’d do those lovely little built ins in the dining room – complete with leaded glass. I’d stone treatment the fireplace (matching all the beautiful stone on the home facade) instead of the dental-traditional modling that is there now (nice, but not my thing). I’d stretch the beautiful bamboo stranded walnut flooring throughout the first floor and not just in the greatroom. And finally, and probably my favorite idea, is to take beautiful old reclaimed barnwood and build it in as an entire wall unit entertainment center/bookcase unit. Finished in an antique grey with the brown cracking through. Glass doors on the front. Chunky, not too many embellishments. Now all I need is another 50K to get it done. 🙂

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