Pardon Me….

Hey y’all I am out today celebrating the grandest holiday of all… Post Christmas Sales.  It’s a tradition I started many years ago when I was too broke to afford normal Christmas shopping.  I would wait until the day after Christmas and rack up some great deals and then promptly place the gifts in the mail with the excuse that the post office delayed delivery.

I am sure that my family knew the real reason their presents were late and were polite enough to play along.  However, since then the tradition has morphed into a full frontal assault on retail including game plans, strategy and synchronized  attack across the city of San Francisco on various retail establishments.

Shopping with me peeps is a battle – it’s fast paced, people may be lost on the field and someone may leave with a black eye but as long as I get cashmere for 70% off all is forgiven.  This is shopping until you drop…..

Now  if you will excuse me, I have to figure out the quickest routes to enter and exit the Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store…..

I promise to be back tomorrow with a normal post!  Hope your Christmas was awesome!

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